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Time to say goodbye :-(

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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

You don't have to spend £80k to get a decent spec RRS . I payed £65k for my HSE with options.

Arrived: MY14.5 RRS HSE SDV6 in Loire Blue, Ivory interior, piano black trim, privacy glass,
panoramic sunroof, tow bar, mudflaps and full size spare Cool

Gone but not forgotten: 2011 Freelander 2 SD4 HSE in Santorini Black, 19" Alloys, ebony interior,
piano black trim & grab handles, privacy glass, lux pack, rear spoiler, mudflaps and tow bar Very Happy
19-07-2014 11:24am
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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

(19-07-2014 11:24am)Chrisr1806 Wrote:  You don't have to spend £80k to get a decent spec RRS . I payed £65k for my HSE with options.

£79k was the model in the showroom for same day swap, dealer is quoting well into next spring for a new order.

£65k is still too much, like many we would have been happy with the £52k RRS SE plus a few extras but LR dropped the model. It has been said elsewhere on the forum that this move by LR put potential customers out of the market overnight.

Evoque Dynamic SD4 Lux Auto Total Rubbish, worst car I have owned - GONE AT LAST!
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19-07-2014 12:29pm
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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

Hi all.

Time to say goodbye indeed, in fact the Evoque is gone.

The plan when we got the car was to keep it for 4 - 5 years, but TBH within a few months I was a bit bored of the car. Now, there's nothing wrong with the Evoque, but having come from a D3 I missed sitting higher up, plus I was pretty much forbidden from taking it offroad. So while casually browsing my local dealer's website I spotted this -

[Image: DSC_0147_zpspoqc7kif.jpg]

- and I thought sod it. So a trip to the dealers, and a deal was done, and we picked the Defender up yesterday. I know it will take a bit of getting used to, but I am really pleased with it.

Cheers - David.

Dynamic Coupe SD4 manual, Orkney Grey, Panoramic Roof, Privacy Glass & 20" Chrome Shadow Alloys.

Other drives - Suzuki Jimny - lifted 2 " (Offroad toy)
BMW Mini John Cooper Works.
20-07-2014 06:50pm
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The Valeter

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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

Now that is one stunning Defender, I like that. Landrover were a little silly (for me) as around Last October I was looking for a fun car ( my now present Fiesta ST2) When I was looking at this car I went to my LR Dealer to see what they would give me for my Evoque. IIRC it was around £29K then. If they had offered me more I would have forgot the Fiesta & gone for a new RR Sport in SE trim so they blew that then announced they were to drop the SE in the UK full stop = the end of me considering a RR Sport.
I ended up ordering the Fiesta ST2 & got that on March 1st. The ST was just supposed to be a fun car but after a few weeks I got itchy feet with continuing paying out the finance on the Evoque. By this time my dealer said the trade in was between £24K & £27K which no way was I going to accept. I had said I would only sell it if I got enough to clear the finance & give me most or all my deposit back but then got a trader from Scotland who came down & paid me £31K which did the trick.
Can't say I had any rattles etc that I can think of with either of my 2 Evoque's. Had the flat battery issue 3 times with my Si4 anti roll bar creaks on both, had that on my FL2 as well.
Now I am out of the Evoque, the wife misses it terribly (snob value I think) & I do to but not that bothered to be fair. I did think about putting my name down for the new Discovery Sport but not having the finance on the Evoque now has made me happy & tight so won't bother with the Disco Sport & I am getting even more tight re car expenditure which is totally out of character & I have said that come next Feb I will likely out the Fiesta ST2 & go even cheaper & get myself an MG3 if they bring one out with a Turbo.
LR should have given me a good price on my Evoque & I would now likely be in a RRS in Chile Red but hey ho!

Came Home On 02/03/13 Pure Tech In Barolo Black/Cirrus Trim with Bespoke Firenze Ascents + Numerous Factory Options!!
Also :-

Rover 25GSi - 2005 Everyday Car.
MG ZR-Express Van - 2005 Special Factory Order (Literally a one off).
MG Montego 2.0i - 1990 Shows/Sunny Days.
MG Metro 1300 - 1983 Being Restored!
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21-07-2014 12:22am
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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

In all the time I've owned Land Rovers I haven't looked at other cars, but this time I've found myself wandering. Been looking at the Jag XF sportbrake, I don't really need a large 4x4 just enough space for the dogs. A XF sportbrake AWD would be nice.

The Disco Sport is still top of my list, the base Disco SE is just stretching the budget a bit too far.

18MY Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic SE D240
21-07-2014 09:34am
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Bat wielding forum enforcer

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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

Yes, tickled my fancy too, pity there isn't a 4wd version, not even in the offing. F type Coupe also appeals as well, and the two I have travelled in didn't have a single rattle, but again no 4wd and very powerful RWD cars aren't ideal in the winter in Scotland!

A Pangea Green New Defender 110 First Edition is now sitting on my drive alongside British Racing Green Electric Mini Cooper SE Level 3. After 21 years in my hands my TDI300 90 was handed on to the next custodian on 15 July 2022.
21-07-2014 06:18pm
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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

I considered the Jaguar XF sportbrake but apparently it's crap in the snow!!
22-07-2014 08:03pm
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RE: Time to say goodbye :-(

The new Jag CX-17 is on my radar as I doubt the New Discovery Sport or other versions will appeal.

That said and fingers now firmly crossed, this MY14 is superb.

Evoque No3: MY15 Dynamic Lux SD4, Auto, Santorini Black, Pimento Dynamic Plus Sports Seats, Ebony headlining, Pan Roof, Shadow Chrome Alloys.
22-07-2014 09:11pm
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