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Service Menu

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RE: Service Menu

(25-06-2012 10:08pm)JiiPee Wrote:  So, has anyone dared to press the dual view button to see what happends??

It doesn't do much, in fact it just made the screen go dark and I had to press the home button to get back. Mine does have the dual view installed and enabled so guess this is just something to check it from this diagnostic menu.

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26-06-2012 11:14am
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RE: Service Menu

My understanding, and I wish to be corrected or better informed is that the vehicle logs session files (would be nice if these were in standard CSV format) and that by some means these are simply transferred to a usb stick for analysis.

I'd personally like more info on this, its my vehicle. Not the manufacturer's and a 2000 page OEM manual wouldn't go a miss.
28-05-2013 06:46pm
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RE: Service Menu

As far as I know the log files can only be read with a diagnostic computer hooked up to the port.

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28-05-2013 08:59pm
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