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List of Memory sticks & micro-drives that will/will not work in Evoque's USB socket

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RE: List of Memory sticks & micro-drives that will/will not work in Evoque's USB socket

(02-12-2017 08:09pm)tone1 Wrote:  Scrub last findings, It seems now that I have to "fiddle about" as my Mrs. calls it to get anything to play now. The music source seems to now have a mind of its own..
If I exit car with music playing it shuts off as I would expect, this method of leaving it on seems to give me slightly better results with it actually coming back on. If it doesnt come back on I have to go through menu, hit source and the list and then it might play, if not it says corrupt file source...... All the sticks that worked and even a small ssd worked ....for a while, now seem to have problems although untouched. I even tried uploading MP3 files(once found) onto cars hard drive and that worked for three days, but alas it's all a bit weird now.
Never had a car with usb slots and mp3 capability that is sooo finickey
Next step is to take it back into LR and let them play around with it, you can bet they will load up something and it'll work and no fault found, only for me to have same issues the next day after the car has been switched off for a while....... any thoughts anyone?Crying
My latest situation is to load an ssd with all my favourite songs in mp3 format via my pc, then go into the car and wipe the internal hard drive, and upload all from ssd to the cars internal hard drive, this has now worked without fail since my last post on here.....
Interestingly today I spoke to service dept. today regarding "AD Blue" and mentioned the media system, he said that these systems were very reliable and it has to be my home pc that's at fault, but I then said that I had 5 or 6 different usb sticks and sd cards that wont work in the car by work on my home media and in the works van perfectly.......Sad

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19-02-2018 06:25pm
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