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Movies playing on a USB stick

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RE: Movies playing on a USB stick

(14-05-2016 06:30pm)Nedal0 Wrote:  What you need to play video files from a USB stick in the Range Rover Evoque is the "DivX HD 720p" Output Profile on the Free DivX Converter software.

When converting the video file on the DivX Converter software, use the "DivX HD 720p" - (DivX, DivX MP3/ AC3) Output Profile .

Not sure about any other formats but this has always worked best for me and still works now. Basically the Evoque will play video files in the DivX format with MP3/ AC3 Audio ecoding.
I can only get mine to play when I encode them in the DivX software set at "Home Theatre". If I use "HD 720" setting they won't play. Seems they are very inconsistent with what works in one doesn't necessarily mean that it will work in another. Trial an error is the way.
10-06-2016 12:15pm
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