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Older Land Rovers retained value
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Older Land Rovers retained value

I've just been to the local specialist who fettles and services my Defender. It was decidely sick when I took it in which was hardly surprising as they were surprised I had got from home to their place 45 miles away with a hole in the transfer box and no oil left in it........... and a bent steering rod. I was a bit surprised when I got home in March to find no oil drips on the garage floor under the car as it had left "rainbows" on my drive in the rain, which is what alertrd me that all was not right as in all it's 17 years / 85000 miles it has never leaked oil.

Anyway £1500 later it is fit and well and has a shiney new MOT certificate too. I asked the owner of the garage (they are a Land Rover only specialist) what I should be asking for it should I want to sell it. Now in 2001 I paid £10000 for it with 56000 mles on the odo so I was amazed when he said, lock it up, don't sell it or accept any offers for it less than £9000! In today's paper here there are 2 TDi 90 SW's for sale both, one with 190,000 miles and one with 280000+ miles on it and they are looking at £10000 and £9000 for them. Niether has be rechassied (think of £4000 to do) which mine has had, mine has also had all new braking and suspension systems at the rechassis time and now a new transfer gear box - mine does have one thing that counts against it and that is that it has a couple dents and some scratches but that is proof that it has been used properly apparently! The reason for values going sky-high - the next generation "Defender" - apparrently people are paying good money for cars with good mechanicals that are easy to work on, my 90 has no electronics other than it Parrot radio with bluetooth handsfree and a heater! So looks like P12 MUD will stay in my hands a bit longer even if it doesn't get the hammering offroad that is has been used to.

A Pangea Green New Defender 110 First Edition is now sitting on my drive alongside British Racing Green Electric Mini Cooper SE Level 3. After 21 years in my hands my TDI300 90 was handed on to the next custodian on 15 July 2022.
19-04-2013 03:26pm
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RE: Older Land Rovers retained value

Proper engineering. I have a neighbour who works for Tata's commercial vehicle business in Coventry - he's an engineer and is entitled to a company car - so that ruled the trucks out. So could have almost anything in the JLR range - so he chose a Defender. Reason? The Defender is an honest piece of mechanical kit - good at what it does and not trying to be something it's not.

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19-04-2013 05:43pm
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RE: Older Land Rovers retained value

Tim, as long as I have space, I will keep my mine.

Every item can be fixed with a spanner or screwdriver.

Even Mrs Claud grabs the keys at any opportunity.

Defender drivers always wave to each other too!

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19-04-2013 09:49pm
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