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2 batteries?

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2 batteries?


I recently took my Evoque to a Landrover service centre as I am having issues with my rear tailgate. At intermittent times it wont auto open using any of the 3 opening options (internal, key or external buttons).
It did have a message come up on the radio screen when the car was on acc (not running) that there was a low battery and the system would switch off after a minute or something and about 6 months ago I had some warning message about stability control?? come up on the dash whilst driving along the highway.

So I am thinking the battery has something to do with it... however... here is my question...

I was told by the service place that I would require 2 x replacement batteries, one about $900 worth and the other about $500. What's worse is that it is just 3 months out of warranty (only 40,000ks on the clock). And was told that the batteries need replacing before doing the recall work on the transmission which I wasn't aware of.

Forgive my ignorance.. but I had no idea the Evoque had 2 batteries?

Can someone confirm/explain this? I don't want to be taken for a ride.


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26-06-2017 04:08am
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RE: 2 batteries?


I am sure there is only one battery. I had to replace the battery in mine last year. If you look in the engine bay the battery is under a cover on the passenger side (Australian Model) near the windscreen. Have a look.

I would ask for more information from the dealer, as the battery is a standard type car battery. I remember mine was expensive (not like $900 or $500 mind you) because of the extra power to crank the diesel.

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26-06-2017 06:29am
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RE: 2 batteries?

As above mentioned....but i believe there is a second smaller battery tucked up inside the passenger side dashboard. This is known to power the auto shifter knob to rise and fall. It may also have other duties like the tailgate, but i don't know about that one.

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26-06-2017 10:37am
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RE: 2 batteries?

On cars with stop/start the 2nd battery is for the stop start system and is not charged by the "normal" battery. As you have a 9 speed auto it will be the battery for the Stop/Start and there is no way that they cost that much even from a rip-off UK dealer and shipping it out to LR Australia and trucking it to Darwin!

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26-06-2017 05:59pm
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