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Windows don't go up together?

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RE: Windows don't go up together?

I agree Tim, it seems odd indeed. I'll have to look into it more thoroughly, as i'm sure it could be activated reasonably easy.

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03-10-2014 11:51am
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RE: Windows don't go up together?

' ... Damb those safety regs! They must be worried about little Johnny getting his head stuck in the window.'

There is an automatic alarm for this ... little Johnny yells!

It must be about 36 years ago when I trapped my 3 year old son's fingers in this way ... Two lessons were learned, me: not to close the rear windows without looking, my son: to let go when the windows starts to move

My son is 38 now and has never trapped his fingers in this way again Very Happy
06-10-2014 05:15pm
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RE: Windows don't go up together?

(03-10-2014 11:07am)XFullFatTim Wrote:  I'm sure that if you went to a 3rd party non-Franchise LR outlet they would be able to access the set-up and activate it for you. Seems odd that it isn't activated for market reasons, in Europe we are supposed to have "anti-trap" mechanisms so that if the motor senses an obstruction preventing a window from closing, the window will re-open.

Great forum, yet another question I had answered, my OM states my 2015 has Global Closing but I couldn't get it to work either (Global opening works fine) thx for the confirmation that it is not enabled in the US and it is not a menu choice for me either. I use the global opening more anyway when walking up to a black vehicle on a hot Summer day, it's nice to get the air circulating before you get in and turn on the key. Way back in 2000 I had the "baby" Lincoln LS and it had both global opening and closing but shortly after Ford disabled this feature and I've only seen it come back with the 2014 model year. MY 2014 FFE (Ford Fusion Energi) has both. Cheers!

2015 Evoque Prestige in Santorini Black with Ivory/Espresso interior
04-03-2015 06:49pm
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RE: Windows don't go up together?

Just picked up my RRE does this feature work by holding the unlock button for more than 3 seconds ? My old car had this function


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14-09-2017 01:34pm
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