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Need help starting problems

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Need help starting problems

Hi guys bought a 2011 automatic evoque few weeks ago and have noticed an issue. Never owned a push start car before so it maybe just me or has anyone experienced this issue and would you be willing to try it out lol

When I step on the brake pedal firmly the car will not start when I push the start button it only makes a click noise. But when I press the brake lightly it will start first time. Is there an issue here or do they all do this??

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20-06-2018 10:48pm
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RE: Need help starting problems

Pushing very firmly on the Brake May be triggering the DSC to cut the engine power which won’t happen when you press more gently. However this was never a problem in any of my previous cars or my current one - all of which have been push button start and Autos.

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21-06-2018 09:06am
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