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Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

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RE: Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

(16-08-2019 11:40am)argyll Wrote:  Hi - I'm driving a discovery sport but it's an identical arrangement for the steering rack (and many other components obviously). Your posted prompted me to join this forum - I hope that's ok with other members. I have just experienced an identical issue to the one that you've written about and now in the JLR customer experience loop, which so far has been ok but we've not got to the important bit yet...

My wife was pulling out of a lay-by and seconds later there was a massive crunch and the steering failed. The recovery driver said he recovered cars all the time in this area with the same problem and was surprised there hadn't been a recall either.

I recovered the car to my local garage who have serviced my cars amazingly well for 20 years. They put it on the ramp and confirmed what the recovery driver had already thought - sheared bolts. JLR refused to take the conversation further until I got the vehicle to their dealer in Glasgow, obviously at my cost. We live in Argyll and Bute, so it's not a 5 five minute drive and wasn't cheap. I also had to the pay for the diagnostic which could have been done in a few mins - sheared bolts ain't difficult to spot. Repair cost estimate £2600 plus diagnostic fee.

Now I'm waiting for JLR to investigate and deem if there's anything they'd propose to help. This my forth JLR vehicle - all bought new or ex demonstrator from a main dealer - XK8, XJ, Freelander, Disco Sport. No problems up to now, but this one is brand killer for me depending on the response and customer experience. I too will obtain the parts and pay the surcharge as I want to get them in the lab and investigated. I believe there to be a very significant safety issue that is not being made public. Why would Tesla do a recall and JLR won't? Is there a climate / environment factor at play here - Argyll and Bute is wet and gets plenty of salt on the roads in winter.
Hi All,
This would appear to be of interest to Evoque owners as well as Discovery Sport.

I too have a Disco Sport, 66 plate, with 33k on the clock; as soon as it got out of its 3 year warranty, it was as if someone in JLR flicked a switch to start my car falling to bits.

The steering rack PAS motor bolts have sheared and luckily was found by chance by my local garage.

My story in brief: The engine management light came on just before it was due to get its MOT, (due to my being out of the country for 7 weeks it was 3 weeks late). The MOT was at my local garage, so I asked him to check it out. He found that the insulation on two wires on the emissions NOx sensor had completely melted and so the two coppers were touching, so I had to buy a new sensor. The mechanic by chance had a 67plate Disco in so he thought that out of interest he would check the sensor on that, and although this was only 2 years old, it had started to melt the same as mine.
A week later the engine management light came on again; this time it was the Exhaust Gas Recycle filter was blocked, and to renew this it meant dropping off the engine support frame, plus several other items, (sorry I'm not at all mechanical), the filter was totally blocked. Why something like this that will obviously need cleaning or changing at some point, is so inaccessible, I don't know; this was a big job and took a lot of work to change. I haven't had the bill for this yet, because it was whilst working on this that some of the bolts, I think 3 out of four, but I didn't take in how many, had fallen out of the Steering Rack Power Assisted Motor because they had sheared off. My mechanic boxed the car back up and took it on his trailer to the nearest JLR dealer. I have been quoted £2,500 for the replacement steering rack and I am now starting discussions with them on a way forward with this. The car is only just out of warranty and I think that my argument will be based around the fact that a £40k car should not have issues like this so soon, there are reports of this fault occurring on Discos and Evoques that are only 18mths-2yrs old and have only a few thousand on the clock, so reading other discussions it is obvious that this is a known problem which is potentially very dangerous. JLR do of course reckon that the Disco Sport is a durable workhorse, etc. but the steering rack clearly isn't fit for purpose. Watch this space......
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20-11-2019 03:35pm
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RE: Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

Unfortunately as a new Range Rover owner of 6 months it looks like I am in the same boat here. 2016 Evoque, 20k on clock and the bolts on the steering rack have gone - no steering! I am deeply concerned:

1) was I just lucky that having completed a 500 mile journey for xmas that the failure didn't happen at 70 mph with my wife and 4 month old baby in the car?

2) If so many RR have had an issue why is there not a recall? I note Tesla recalled.

3) If you RR these bolts on the steering rack, are RR replacing like with like or new bolts?

Hoping us Scots can unite to resolve and keep our families safe!
04-01-2020 02:01am
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RE: Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

I think the reason JLR get off without a recall is that the problem is caused by corrosion and therefore is worse in areas of high salt usage. Probably a relatively low percentage of total sales even in the UK. I am not saying this is right but I suspect this is the rationale. As regards safety, the response of the local workshop manager was that this fault occurs when there is maximum load on the rack i.e. at low speeds such as driving out of the garage / parking etc. His suggestion was that at road speeds there is less strain through the rack and that failure at speed was unlikely.

I have to say this did not provide me with a warm feeling of reassurance but it does tie in with my experience and that of several others on the thread, in my case driving out of the garage first thing in the morning. Hopefully you are still within warranty period so they should cover the replacement cost.
04-01-2020 11:03am
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RE: Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

Just ha tank cradle renewed through corrosion. I asked for rack to bee checked. All ok. Bzzz

2013 auto sicillian yellow special edition. with all the goodies supplied with this model.
04-01-2020 12:30pm
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RE: Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

Looks like I have the exact same issue. Only had the car a month. 14 plate Evoque. Cars been driving great but then my wife reverses off our drive into the middle a busy main road with my 14 month old son in the rear and complete failure of the steering! Dread to think what would happen if this happened driving at any speed. How are Land Rover not recalling this potentially fatal failure of their parts?
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06-01-2020 03:17pm
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RE: Motor sheared off steering rack on 2014 Pure

Same issue here in wife’s 2015. Luckily it happened on the driveway. Car recovered to dealer who hopes to get a look at it sometime next week. Near 4 years of trouble free motoring for her then this following on from nox sensor 3 weeks ago.
30-01-2020 07:37pm
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