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EPB re-applied

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RE: EPB re-applied

Good instructions guys, thanks.

I placed the park brake into service mode very easily. Then switched ignition off

I did disconnect the electrical plugs to the calipers just to make sure. The clips are a bit fiddly, but in finally work out how to release them using a small screwdriver at the bottoms of the clip to free the plastic catch. The clips looks as though it has a fancy release mechanism at the top, but it is not the case.

Both pistons wound back in clockwise very easily with a calliper windback tool.

When I came to take the vehicle out of park brake service mode, it seeemd a little more fiddly. But it turned out that after holding up the handbrake switch and pressing the accelerator, I had to turn the ignition off and on quite quickly. If you allow too bigger gap between turning off and on, the sequence doesn't complete.

Being RHD, I also found it easier to hold the park brake switch with RH so LH is free to operate the ignition/start button.
So lever up, pause, accelerator down, pause, ignition off and ignition on. Then you hear the motors activating.
15-10-2017 05:15pm
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RE: EPB re-applied

Help still needed!
So I want service my rear brakes and after the fiasco lasting time I am trying to be super careful.
This issue is the brake will not go into service mode. I've followed the instructions perfectly. I turn on the ignition, press the brake release for 2 seconds but then when I depress the gas pedal the brake releases and then when you turn the ignition through the on/off cycle the brake reactivates instead of going into service mode!!
23-06-2018 04:10pm
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