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Anyone upgraded to the new shape Evoque

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Anyone upgraded to the new shape Evoque

My car has serviced me well for the few years and now I need to change it. I like the new shape however I'm not sure of the gear stick. I prefer the one I have on my evoque.

I was wondering what others think of the change in the gear stick, and car if anyone has upgrade would like to hear their comments.


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05-06-2019 04:17pm
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RE: Anyone upgraded to the new shape Evoque

Quite a few people found the rotary shifter awkward (not me I liked it) and there were issues with them not rising up however when I sent my 2nd RRE back to JLR in disgust I went back to an RRS and found the shifter on that was even better for being a stick type. My 2019 MY Mini Countryman has a really ancient style of auto shifter, just like the one I had the Freelander 1 I had way back in 2002, complete with the steptronic sequential shift mode when you move the stick over to the left into would normally be Sport mode today. S in the Mini is a switch on the consol instead - BMW isn’t that advanced with some of their systems!

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To try something different
08-06-2019 07:02pm
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RE: Anyone upgraded to the new shape Evoque

Mine is a 2011, and while at first i remember not quite liking the rotary dial shifter, i got used to it really quickly, and from then on i've really liked it.
I have however always like the aesthetic appeal from the start. It just looks more modern, and in keeping with the Evoques concept-like ultra modern appeal.

Interestingly, now that the designers have aligned the 2020 version to become more like Range Rovers latest most modern model the Velar (which has the rotary dial shifter), the 2020 Evoque has gone backwards, and followed the older designed RR Sport with a conventional stick.

I think you will find the new 2020 Evoque to be just a bit better in every way regarding quality interior materials, ride, quietness, etc etc, but to my mind, the interior and exterior design has become a little less bold and different in comparison to the original....and for that, i prefer the original for pure aesthetic design appeal, boldness, and different to the mainstream.

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09-06-2019 03:08am
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RE: Anyone upgraded to the new shape Evoque

I had a 2012 and have recently updated to a 2020. Personally I think the dial shifter would have worked better with the aesthetics of the 2020. The shift stick gets in the way of the volume knob and a round, low profile, rotary shifter would have been an excellent compliment to the digital dash (the Velar has the best of both worlds here in my opinion).

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15-07-2019 05:55am
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