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Remote cold start

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Remote cold start

I’ve just bought a new Evoque first edition 180D. Thee is a feature on the app to remotely start the car when it’s cold. I have used it and it’s brilliant. The thing is that I was led to believe that you shouldn’t allow a cold engine to idle and you are supposed to drive off immediately. I have an engineering background and I can’t really see what difference it makes. Can anybody let me know if this is fact or fable.

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19-11-2019 07:35pm
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RE: Remote cold start

I think you should show it it some mechanical sympathy and warm it for a short period, the other reason to let it idle on a cold morning is you are likely to also want to press the Max button for heated screens and mirrors so if the engine is running then the alternator can handle it with less risk of a flat battery. My car has electric park heating, I tap on the button on the app and if it is cold it will defrost ALL the windows and sunroof as well as warm the cabin - takes 20 minutes and it also works if the car is very hot inside and will start the aircon and cool the interior down BUT if the car (it’s aPHEV) isn’t plugged into the mains or a charger then you reduce the electric only range hugely and it does warm up the petrol engine side of the power system so I tend to run in petrol mode only until the engine is warmed then switch to Auto e-Drive (mixed ICE and HV battery as the satnav decides) or Max e-drive - pure electric mode. In auto e-drive the throttle is very sensitive so if you want to overtake or join a fast road then both petrol and electric engines run together giving 0-60 in 5.3 secs and all wheel drive. If in just Max e-drive then performance is lethargic as I’m only using the 87hp electric motor on the rear axle - I use ICE power only when on fast journeys , dual carriageway or motorway when I’ll be driving above 50mph for longer periods as with on 20 miles electric only range you soon run out of charge but in petrol only “save” mode it recuperates a surprising amount of charge and I can vary the regeneration easily too. Using the heated screen and seats as well as the cabin heater really depletes the electric only range though (they don’t warn you about that in the sales literature !)
So I would let the engine warm for a few minutes before driving off - one reason that it recommended to drive straight off is to reduce the need for DPF regenerations too - more particulate might be generated while idling as there is no back pressure to push them through the exhaust system.

BTW - does the new model still have the same electric PTC cabin heater as the old model?

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20-11-2019 05:07pm
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