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Reliability Rating (Mechanical & Electrical)

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Location: South west UK
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RE: Reliability Rating (Mechanical & Electrical)

I gave it a 7.
My first six speed auto had a horrible gearbox that was always 'hunting' for a gear. The second manual version had a leak that couldn't be fixed and the car was replaced. The third nine speed auto has awful lag and squeaky suspension bushes exactly the same as my first Evoque.
But, it is a great car to drive on long distances and is the best looking SUV.
01-01-2015 03:43pm
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Location: Anacortes, WA, USA
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RE: Reliability Rating (Mechanical & Electrical)

2014 Fuji White Pure PremiumWink
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01-01-2015 11:26pm
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RE: Reliability Rating (Mechanical & Electrical)

Up until a few months ago i'd have given it a 10 (as we are excluding rattles/creaks etc), however since then my blind spot sensor has gone mad, been in the dealers for around three weeks in total already so far. LR technical involved etc so its got a 5 and that feels kind.

Got it back between Christmas and New Year, dealers not convinced they've fixed it but the errors gone (comes and goes but the sensors are always lazy). Sounds like they've changed swathes of stuff, latest was some control unit in the dash!

Anyway since getting it back I'm not convinced its fixed yet (not had time to give it a good test yet), but now one thing that has always been rock solid (iPod integration) seems to have gone - gets stuck at 'connecting' on the iPod permanently. Tried my daughters iPod and that works ... sometimes, then stops too. Although in a different way - says its not connected, however the iPod is charging fine so plainly is...

Not impressed, gone from dream car and a definite plan to stay in brand to seriously considering selling up early and moving back to other marques. This car has had more time in the dealers than the sum of every other car I've owned - and given I'm on my sixteenth car (and that's if I've not forgotten any!) that is some achievement Sad

02-01-2015 10:49am
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Reliability Rating (Mechanical & Electrical)

I live in Switzerland and own a Evoque PRESTIGE SD4 since August 2012 and never had any problem. I was sceptical because i have driven only Honda's before and was happy with their famos relialiability. kudos to Range Rover for repairing the reputaion of UK MADE Cars!

Never had one issue yet...very reliable car!

Fuji White, 5dr Prestige SD4 - Auto, Shadow Chrome 20" Style 7 Wheels, Winter Pack, Ambiance-Oxford
leather interior (ivory-espresso color),Rear Camera Parking Aid, Power Tailgate
01-03-2015 09:28am
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