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Letter of suggestions to LR

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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

(22-04-2012 09:06am)BobM Wrote:  PS - I know there was a different thread but can you add 'signature DRL's to Halogen lights' in your lighting section.Smile

DRL's are a legal requirement (daytime running lamp) in many countries. These can be either Halogen or LED's. The halogens typically only illuminate to the required level of Lumins. If you choose a signatire DRL it is more likely to exceed the legal requirement for a DRL and be of an LED nature. If you look carefully you will see that these dip when indicating (to the legal limit of Lumens) This prevents dazzle and allows other road users to see the indication more clearly. Don't panic your lights are not broken. The actual light source of the main beam (Halogen, Xenon or LED) is irrelevant of the signature LED function.
09-07-2012 03:15pm
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

qwerty, the shape of the "signature" LED's is totally different to the DRL's fitted to the cars with halogen headlights, I think BobM would like the option to have the swiggly line type DRL's on non- Xenon headlamp cars

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10-07-2012 09:41am
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

I've just read through the improvement spread sheet and I had a few things that I think are missing:

CDDB data for tagging disc's ripped to the drive (if paired to phone, could use the internet to pull data).

The NA version of the center gauge LCD does not display the digital speed but displays kph when in that mode. It's my opinion that this could easily be addressed via a software update (and should be addressed).

iPhone/iPod integration needs some work, several times when I first plug my device in it starts to play then the audio just shuts off requiring me to disconnect then reconnect the device.

The rear vents don't have any temperature / fan speed adjustments on them and they should. Especially considering all the other "limo" mode features the passengers in the back should have the ability to control their AC/Heat!

Cooled seats would be amazing for those of us who live in 100+F weather more than 100 days a year (Southern Arizona).

The song search alert tone is far to loud and literally scares the sh*t out of me when it goes off - there is no way that I know of to turn it down so we've disabled the song search function on our system as this is a huge distraction and could be dangerous!

I agree with several of the recommendations here. The touch system is extremely slow and the navigation's auto complete is especially frustration to try and use. Another minor annoyance is that when I'm listening to Sirius the center gauge LCD will only show the channel name and not the song.

I've tried numerous times to order the "Range Rover" branded windshield sun screen from my parts dealer but despite it being in the 2012 MY catalog it's not yet available (or so I'm told). The dealer ordered me a very cheap sun screen in it's place however the one in the catalog is high quality foam w/ the logo. This part should be made available!

All in all my wife and I love our Evoque and are considering ordering a second in the future. I'm really looking forward to the 2013 Dynamic Lux seats though we won't order another so soon after our first. Keep up the good work LR!!
One other thing I just remembered....

If I'm jamming out w/ the stereo around 40-ish and turn off the car and the next day at 6AM my wife hops in to go to work she gets greeted with my 40-ish volume music. This is extremely jarring and since the system turns off right after the vehicle is turned off there isn't any option to change the volume. As others suggested maybe a delay before cutting the stereo off would help but I think even a customize-able default "start" volume would be a welcome feature of the audio system.

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09-08-2012 01:50am
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

did we ever get a response from JLR on our comments ?

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03-01-2013 09:55am
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

Hi Speary, I belive Olde did get in touch with JLR, but guess other than an acknowledgement that they have read it, there wasn't much else coming back from them, i'm sure he'd have told us if there was. lots of ideas for them... which I think are only likely to appear on new vehicles if ever, seems we don't even get software updates for improved features as part of our service/warranty unless there is a fix for a specific problem. e.g. the NAV software to accept entering own POI's on the latest vehicles (as mentioned on another thread, not confirmed by any other owners yet)

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03-01-2013 11:18am
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

I'm pretty certain we had a disappointing response regarding rear lights coming on as well as front DRL's.

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03-01-2013 08:27pm
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

(03-01-2013 08:27pm)Evo-king Wrote:  I'm pretty certain we had a disappointing response regarding rear lights coming on as well as front DRL's.

Still really can't see how this could be any more than a simple software change and am disappointed that LR don't seem to want to really look into this. I'm not actually convinced that they understood what / why we were asking. Lets just hope no-one has an accident in 'bright' fog when the auto lights decide o switch ackto front DRL only !

Any car software hackers out there !?

Pure 3dr SD4 Tech Man ; Firenze Red ; 19" Style 3 ; Pano ; Ebony / Ivory Int ; Auto dim rear view ; 2 seats ; Park Aid - Rear cam ; Ext. folding mirrors ; Adap Xenon ; Fogs ; Mud Flaps ; Side Steps - Rec'd 28/12/11 - Sadly going 6/6/14 - Gone, now running BMW X6
03-01-2013 08:41pm
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

Edit due to failure to RTFQ.

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03-01-2013 11:16pm
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR


Here is an Update on The List of Suggested Improvements

JLR's response to our list of suggested improvements was so disgusting that I stopped being a Range Rover fan. Since then, this is the first time I have been back in the BabyRR discussion forum.

One of Executives at JLR felt so badly about how we were treated, that he give me clues as to what happened internally.

He did not feel comfortable being specific, so here are my conclusions, based on admittedly questionable evidence:

1. Shit really hit the fan at JLR (exec, design and PR teams were especially upset with us)
2. Exec team was furious because our Suggestions Letter was addressed to them by name
3. Some suggestions hit on taboo topics, (e.g. immediate loss of control if suspension mode pressed at high-speed)
4. JLR avoids public dialogue about safety-related oversights (accident victims could litigate a global product recall)
5. Fixing design oversights, globally, is too expensive to even be considered
6. Most of our suggestions were written off as being matters of wild opinion, thus not improvements
7. JLR's PR policy is to ignore online fans (they write irresponsibly and can make JLR appear overly-defensive)
8. JLR believes it is self-defeating to engage user-groups on issues of build quality (because complaint volumes always increase with age of vehicles and with market penetration)

Attached is the Suggestions Letter (aka The List) as sent to the following JLR executives:
  • Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO JLR
  • Mr. Ian Stuart Callum, Design Director JLR
  • Mr. Phil Hodgkinson, Dir. Product Development JLR
  • Mr. Andy Goss, President JLR N. America
  • Mr. David Pryor, Brand VP, JLR N. America
  • Mr. Richard N. Beattie, EVP M&S JLR N. America
  • Mr. Campbell MacArthur, VP Service JLR N. America
  • Mr. Andrew Polsinelli, GM Land Rover N. America
  • Mr. Stuart Schorr, VP Communications JLR

Attached File(s)
.doc  EvoqueRequestListV8.doc (Size: 413.5 KB / Downloads: 6)

Whistle Our Petition to Improve the Evoque sent to Range Rover CEO, get your copy ---> HERE <---
07-03-2013 03:07am
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RE: Letter of suggestions to LR

If you do not keep up with public opinion and innovations, then its doom... remember what happened to Kodak, Nokia....

Got mine : Dynamic Fuji White with Lux Pack and black contrast roof.
Optional extras : Privacy glass, Heated steering wheel and TPMS.
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07-03-2013 03:18pm
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