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Every cloud has a silver lining

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Every cloud has a silver lining

just ordered a HSE dynamic 180TD auto in santorini with ebony and ivory interior, and privacy glass. This is to replace my totalled Volvo V40 R-design. An Audi used the rear of my car as his brakes, forcing me into a BMW. Just glad i had GAP insurance. Just waiting for settlements to come through now..
Hopefully the physio will put me right in time to drive it.
The Volvo was extremely comfortable once in it, looking forward to getting in without banging my head.
Hoping the auto box will ease the fatigue on my travels and when stuck in traffic, especially the A34 from the M40 to the M3. Always accidents and traffic.
Can’t wait now.

Hoping to pick up my 2018 HSE Dynamic td4 in santorini black with privacy glass in two days.
I’m like a kid two days before Xmas.
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18-05-2018 02:14am
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Joined: May 2018
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RE: Every cloud has a silver lining

Well I've had the evoque since the beginning of June and put 6000 miles on it already. I'm very pleased with it. It's comfortable and everything I hoped it was. The only down side is the looks you seem to get and the way no one seems to want to let you out of side roads. But if that is the worst part of ownership, I can live with it. I'm getting between 40 and 52 miles per gallon so far, again I'm happy to live with that.
Things I'm not so happy with, the dealers could be a lot better. They don't seem to really worry once you've taken delivery. My experience with Volvo was much better, you were treated as if you were a VIP customer all the time. Trying to get the add blue topped up was a painful experience, getting told you need to book it in, next appointment was in 8 days! (600 miles left)
Really 8 days just to top it up.
I just said don't worry I'll talk to the guys at lode lane Solihull when I'm up there next week working. Strange how uddenly an appointment slot become available and they could do it. It only took 10 mins top.
I've also started to save for the annual Road tax (£140) along with the additional rich b*s**ds tax (£310). But that's not either JLR or the cars fault, it's just one of the additional taxes the British government puts on us.

Do I regret getting it no not at all.

I do have a couple of questions if anyone reads this.
Are winter tyres a must, I have the pirelli tyres on 20" wheels.
Are he maps and should system updates automatically updated or are they done by a dealer.
27-08-2018 06:49pm
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RE: Every cloud has a silver lining

Hi Kiteflyer, glad you are enjoying the Evoque, and hope you are felling better after your accident

Winters are not essential, I have relied on my Pirellis which if yours are the same as mine are marked M+S, in which case unless you're going into deep snow drifts will be just fine to get by on our winter roads. yes winters are better but not essential depending on your needs.

Sorry for the maps mines an older model, but I think you can download then through the In-Control

MY12 Fuji Dynamic SD4 Manual, Pano Roof, Electric Tailgate with own Close module
[Image: 124529.png][Image: 1004887.png]
27-08-2018 08:27pm
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