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2nd hand Evoque questions

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2nd hand Evoque questions


I'm from South Africa (JHB) and will be in the market for a used Evoque around early 2016. I love the looks of the vehicle, particularly in dynamic trim. My budget will be between R400k-R450k and there seems to be a few on the market, but almost at the end of their warranties (or just over), hence I have some questions/queries. My guess is that I would buy something with at least a year of warranty left and keep it for 3-4 years. Prices seem high at the moment, so I'm waiting for the new year as I've visited a few dealers and they are all expecting more trade-in stock in December.

I'm aware that the engine is largely based on the FR2. One of my decisions is whether to go for petrol or diesel. I'm a bit indifferent to either model as both have their disadvantages/advantages (performance vs consumption). However, one of the things I can't get clarity on is how these cars are doing with higher mileage and our poor quality fuel. I'm aware that some of the other brands suffer from diesel injector and turbo issues - however, I can't seem to find any info on whether the SD4 has issues locally. Also can't find any info on how the higher mileage petrol engines fair.

Anyone own any of these vehicles out of warranty or with high mileage and care to shed some light. Also, any recommendations on which model you would go for (petrol or diesel) considering the vehicle will spend it's life at Gauteng altitudes. I can do with the slightly lower power for the better consumption, but again, swings and roundabouts (between SD4 and Si4) for me - the bigger issue would be long term running costs (say I keep the vehicle to around 200K KM).

Any info/advise welcome.

Thanks in advance Thumbs Up
11-11-2015 01:58pm
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RE: 2nd hand Evoque questions

Difficult one, as you're suggesting you will buy a 2 year old Evoque and keep till it's 6th year, the oldest Evoque's are only 4 years old.

There hasn't been many on here with issues on the ageing Models, and I would choose the older model (My12-14) as it's based on a well tried and tested engine and drivetrain. Consider Manual if you can find one to avoid any expensive Auto Gearbox issues, but these are quite rare.

Other than that same safeguards buying any second hand car apply really.

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11-11-2015 09:47pm
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RE: 2nd hand Evoque questions

Well, you've kind of answered your own question there in bringing up the FL2. Take a look around some local forums for people with slightly older Freelanders and see how they're holding up given the same standard of fuel and altitude. Most of the regulars here on this forum are UK based where fuel quality and altitude aren't issues worth considering that much.
12-11-2015 02:04pm
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Steve D

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RE: 2nd hand Evoque questions

Why would someone (above) advertise for motorcycle mechanics in this thread?

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08-10-2016 07:33am
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RE: 2nd hand Evoque questions

Well they won't be doing again using that computer's MAC number............. Just like all the other Vietnamese/ Cambodian and Thai spammers we have had recently

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08-10-2016 02:20pm
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