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Auto Start Stop Disabling - PhilSkill - 16-04-2015 01:01pm

This is some very interesting info from Evoque Owners Club Forum about how to disable the ECO Start/Stop with an easy and reversible modification by disconnecting the Secondary Battery Earth lead, Although I expect if you leave it disabled for years the battery will likely die.. which should just mean no start stop functionality.

Please note, I can't vouch for the info, I've no need for this as the Start Stop seems to work 1 in 100 stops for me so have no need for this mod Laughing Maybe my 2nd Battery is near dead already Rolling Eyes

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - Evo-king - 17-04-2015 09:32pm

I've read it too.

But, I'm quite fond of S/S having had it on most of my recent cars, and it works most of the time.

Happy tinkering.

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - sorcerer - 17-04-2015 09:37pm

I don't like stop/start, but I really don't see any hardship in pressing the button to turn it off, which is what I do as soon as I start the engine and before rotating the gear knob.....easy!

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - XFullFatTim - 17-04-2015 09:41pm

I thought I would hate S/S when the last car arrived......................... I never disabled it once, it did what it was designed to do everytime and I've continued in the same vein with the RRS. This afternoon, including use of S/S, on a 24 mile trip I managed to get the Trip Comp up to 47mpg................. that included getting stuck in some traffic on a motorway slip road and a 70mph run down the M9 for 6 miles! Not bad for 2tonnes of RRS with a V6, 3litre Diesel lump

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - Stadt Panzer - 18-04-2015 08:27am

I'm with Tim on this one, never thought I'd like it but it does what it says on the tin and if anyone is really concerned with quick get aways at junctions etc then just ease off on the brake pedal and the engine will start without the car actually moving!

Not really Rocket Science..

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - grommit - 24-04-2015 11:19pm

Or if you have a manual just dip the clutch pedel a bit earlier, simples Very Happy

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - walterwindbag - 27-04-2015 02:54pm

I don't know how relevant this is (I am waiting on the build of my new Evoque) but I have a Golf diesel 7 speed auto with autonomous start/stop.
If all the parameters are fulfilled when I come to a stop the engine dies. If I'm waiting on an island entry or the lights are coming up to change I can ease my foot off the brake pressure a teeny weeny bit and the engine fires up; if I want to I can reapply full pressure to the pedal but the engine carries on running ready for an instant response if required.
Doesn't the Evoque have that facility? I'm guessing from the dozens of posts I've read - not?
All the best

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - PhilSkill - 27-04-2015 09:24pm

Hi Walt, From what StadtPanzer says 2 posts up, it sounds like it does exactly that.

RE: Auto Start Stop Disabling - walterwindbag - 28-04-2015 07:58am


Auto Start Stop Disabling - Stadt Panzer - 01-05-2015 09:22am

Walt. Lol Wink