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Style 6 or Style 7 - XFullFatTim - 29-09-2013 01:02pm

To spec or not? Car will be Ipanema with Contrast Roof and it isn't yet too late to add them to the options list.
Has anyone found they are more likely to scuff than the standard issue wheels?

RE: Style 6 or Style 7 - Nowaytk - 29-09-2013 03:01pm

Have you managed to mark your style 6's yet ? If not, chances are you won't mark the 7's ( famous last words ). The problem with the 7's as you know,if you do mark them it is more noticeable as the black underneath does stand out a little bit, unfortunately I managed to put a tiny scuff on one of mine and when I done it i thought nooooo it stands out like a sore thumb, and then found out about how hard it is to refurb so I left it a while, ( in case i done it to another, intending to get it repaired when there was a couple to do )now I only tend to notice it when I wash it. as I do tend to be more careful now I doubt I will do another plus I will be moving it on this time next year. IMHO the 7's look far better, I think it gives the wheel a much more "premium" look than the run of the mill "alloys" I might be a bit biased thoughLaughing . At the end of the day it's what you prefer the look of & how they will be used, ( off roading etc )

RE: Style 6 or Style 7 - XFullFatTim - 29-09-2013 04:07pm

I managed to get a scuff on day 2 of ownership on a style 6............. since then the only scuffs in 2 years have been done by my brother who is anal about scuffing his Rapide's wheels or his Audi's but has problems locating the Evqoue in relation to kerbs! Even my 84 year old father managed to get the car parked without leaving any battlescars and his 18 month old Jazz looks like it's spent a lifetime in Central London rather than a tiny village in Central Scotland!

RE: Style 6 or Style 7 - PhilSkill - 29-09-2013 08:42pm

I was surprised how much I liked Valeter's Style 7's at the meet! The choice is yours, if you think you'll shift this one again in a couple of years then get the ones you want, don't worry about kerbing.

RE: Style 6 or Style 7 - The Valeter - 29-09-2013 10:47pm

Style 7 wheels do finish the car off very nicely. I have one very small scuff on the n/s front just on the edge of the wheel which is very annoying as I am very anal about my wheels.
Took it to a very good refurb place that is about half a mile from me & they said they couldn't gaurantee a complete match so best to do both. Now they offered me trade discount but that was still £95 each + VAT. Needlass to say I left it & it isn't too bad.
If you get a silver touch up pen & give it a quick shake thus not mixing it properlt will be a pretty good finish for rim edge marks.

RE: Style 6 or Style 7 - BFGEvoqueMan - 11-10-2013 06:30pm

When we got our current car then nearly everybody commented on the wheels first. They really do stand out (when they are clean). I have just put some silver alloys on the car with my winter tyres and the car really doesn't look anywhere near as good.

Touch wood, neither myself or my wife have scuffed an alloy for 10 years. No forward parallel parking next to a kerb allowed!