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Lane Keep Assist - XFullFatTim - 22-06-2020 09:27am

I have this intrusive pain in the butt device in my New Defender and while it can be disabled on a trip by trip basis it cannot be turned off for ever, every restart requires the “Emergency Lane Keep Assist” to be switched in the vehicle set-up menu.
I have heard from a D4 owner who has recently bought a New Evoque and is concerned at “steering inconsistencies” that I think may be the Lane Keep Assist intervening when it isn’t wanted on country roads, which is where it has been giving me grief. I can appreciate it’s value on the motorway when you are doing a very long drive and it can be temporarily disabled using the button on the steering wheel on my car, but the emergency back-up is still running in the background and will still kick in.

Has anyone here with a New Evoque found a way to permanently disable ELKA?

RE: Lane Keep Assist - Woody179 - 22-06-2020 10:28pm

Hi Tim,

I'm sure I saw the setting for this in the steering wheel menu for Driver assist, IIRC it has 2 options, Steering wheel vibrate and steering wheel assist.


Just looked at the digital manual and it says the following

'Select the LKA Settings option in the Driver assistance instrument panel menu to choose the level of lane keeping assistance. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU OPTIONS.

LKA options are:

Steering assist: Applies an opposing, corrective steering input.

Steering vibrate: Applies a vibration to the steering wheel.

When the vehicle's ignition is switched on, the previous LKA settings are recalled.

LKA uses the same instrument panel icons and displays as the lane departure warning system. See LANE DEPARTURE WARNING.'

I'll have a look in the menu tomorrow and report back

RE: Lane Keep Assist - Woody179 - 23-06-2020 10:26am

Just had a look at the menu and there are two options for LKA, steering wheel vibrate and steering wheel assist. On the main screen for vehicle settings there is a tick box for Lane Keeping Asssistance so it looks like you can disable it completely if you wish.

RE: Lane Keep Assist - XFullFatTim - 25-06-2020 03:36pm

New Defender has a different system only has Emergency Lane Keep Assist On/Off button on the touch screen. I can also switch it off on the steering wheel controls but then it just runs in the background waiting to catch you out.

RE: Lane Keep Assist - Pastmaster - 27-07-2020 05:23pm

The new Evoque has two systems. Lane Keep Assist gives you a steering wheel vibration and CAN be switched off. The post you refer to is a different system (I forget the acronym) which steers you to the right if you get too near the kerb. It's a bit of a shock first time it happens. I haven't found a way to disable it, but then I haven't looked.