Would you buy another Evoque or Land Rover product
Yes - another Evoque 19.77%
1stRangie, Amadeus, bee, benzina, berlin2011, CSJ, Doody, edgedata, ExMerc, fullflame, Harryw1, Kevp, Stadt Panzer, tattoobob26, whRed5, Woody179, Yves_0016
17 19.77%
Yes - another Range Rover or Land Rover 27.91%
Barton Evoque, Chriss5471, Crabacle, Denham5, doug, Earl grey, ExMerc, Gjh0702, J77, Lucyloo, Mark^^, MartinP, mighTTy-RRE, MrNoo, Nowaytk, Pedlar, PhilSkill, Rxa, Shakeyjake, stornoway1, tattoobob26, The Valeter, XFullFatTim, Yves_0016
24 27.91%
No - not on your life 3.49%
Beats, kk9933, Tony
3 3.49%
No - They are getting too expensive 5.81%
Craig_d1, harry, KaDargo, Tony, XFullFatTim
5 5.81%
No - The quality and finish is not good enough for the price and compared to the competition 18.60%
1stRangie, Biker, chani1312, Daglass, Donny Dog, harry, IKM, J. Dub, KaDargo, kk9933, Kugaman1, markticktock, moofish, Sarcastrix, Tony, xxxx5
16 18.60%
No - There are other better cars out there 5.81%
gw76, moofish, Power14, Sarcastrix, Tony
5 5.81%
No - Dealer support is too poor 9.30%
Daigriff, gw76, harry, kk9933, moofish, Sarcastrix, Tony, xxxx5
8 9.30%
No - Engine and Technology is out of date 9.30%
1stRangie, gw76, harry, moofish, Sarcastrix, THEMACS, Tony, vinny
8 9.30%
Total: 86 votes 100%
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