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Upgrade from Halogen

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Upgrade from Halogen

Can anyone recommend what I need and where from to upgrade the bulbs in my 2012 Pure TD4? The standard lights are sucky.
10-01-2019 12:30am
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RE: Upgrade from Halogen

this has been covered many times on both the Freelander 2 Forum and on here.
The headlights are a single bulb projector style, so one bulb covers both dipped and main lights by raising or lowering a shutter over the bulb housing to direct the light. You can probably hear the shutters operating if you flash the lights.

The problem is that the bulbs overheat and blow because the shutter doesn't allow sufficient cooling/air flow to cool the bulb.

If you fit upgraded bulbs, in 99% of cases, there is extra heat generated to create the extra light which is results in a shorter life span for the bulbs. You will find the bulbs will either simply fail, or melt or in worst case scenario they will explode.
I have had all three scenarios in both my 2013 Freelander and my 2012 Evoque and Halfords for example do not even list HB3 bulbs for LR/RR fitment anymore as they didn't want any problems from irate customers.

There are bulbs out there that will work but they are hard to track down in my experience,
Your choices are
a) buy the bulbs from LR spares department - not the best but they do work
b) change the whole unit for a Xenon replacement and get the CCF edited to recognise them, but you could be talking well over £500 to do this

2012 Evoque Pure 5 door - Santorini Black, 20'' style 6 wheels, privacy, fogs, (accident damaged wreck direct from LR approved :rollSmile
2011 Evoque Prestige 3 door - Indus Silver, gloss black 19'' style 5 wheels, privacy, partial black pack.

and a few Freelander 2 over the yearsLaughing
11-01-2019 10:53am
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RE: Upgrade from Halogen
11-01-2019 06:58pm
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Derek Brown

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RE: Upgrade from Halogen

(11-01-2019 06:58pm)mickeyf Wrote:

Thanks for posting this link, have you tried any of these ?

Many thanks

11-03-2019 10:13pm
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