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Power Loss

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Power Loss

2014 Evoque 2.2 SD4 Pure Tech 6 Speed Manual Diesel - 50k miles

Randomly seems to lose power for 2-3 seconds. Exceptionally intermittent. Can happen 2-3 times on a longish journey or may not happen for a week. It's happens at junctions when I'm trying to get going or if I change up in gear. Most frequent when pulling away.

Very dangerous and Ranger Rover have ran a diagnostic check and because no fault shows have ran out of ideas. Unless the computer tells them what to do they have not got a clue. Because it is so intermittent the fault does not happen during a test drive.

They must have seen this fault before and I have seen others with the same problem on various forums with no known cause.

This is my last attempt before I give up on Range Rover all together.

Any help would be appreciated.
29-08-2018 08:22pm
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RE: Power Loss

same with early Freelander 2 SD4 2.2L, happens mostly in warmer weather. Root cause never found but some were cured with a software update, some with throttle body changes, some with fuel filter changes and some were never cured. LR never owned up to finding the fault but seemed to fixed in 2012> Freelanders.

2012 Evoque Pure 5 door - Santorini Black, 20'' style 6 wheels, privacy, fogs, (accident damaged wreck direct from LR approved :rollSmile
2011 Evoque Prestige 3 door - Indus Silver, gloss black 19'' style 5 wheels, privacy, partial black pack.

and a few Freelander 2 over the yearsLaughing
30-08-2018 10:14am
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RE: Power Loss

Sounds exactly like my 2014 dynamic lux auto. Occasionally the car will lose power for a few seconds and the revs will bounce on idle, gas pedal has no effect then it returns to normal. It’s also happened to me when cruising on the motorway, randomly slows down then returns to set speed. As of yet, it’s not given me much grief other than once, it happened when pulling off at the lights, the car just idled and I couldn’t get any speed for a few seconds. Reluctant to bring it to the dealer as per the poster, it’s intermittent and hard to prove.
03-09-2018 11:34pm
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