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Pirelli verde Tyres

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RE: Pirelli verde Tyres

Strange, I drove in exact same frost that looked like snow on Boxing day following rain with Pirelli Verde tyres and car gripped beautifully so much so only when I got out I realised how slippy it was barely being able to stand! (Note I have 19" wheels in winter) Although if you're comparing to Winter tyres, they're not in the same class.

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29-12-2013 12:45am
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RE: Pirelli verde Tyres

My one had Pirelli Verdes on, took it up the lomond hils in the snow, tyres found all the grip they needed never broke traction once Confused

[Image: ef9b138b4ab76201b08dc796afccaba1.jpg]

[Image: d5b97ef1.jpg]

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29-12-2013 09:23pm
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RE: Pirelli verde Tyres

So, am thinking from the vast majority of posts on here that the verdes are much better than the craptinentals?
To be honest I've found grip from the contis hasn't been horrendous but wear has been pretty bad. I'm up to 19k on mine and they have about 2mm left on the front (but 5mm on the rears) so probably going to need to replace the fronts soon and am tempted to go for the pirellis.

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30-12-2013 04:46pm
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RE: Pirelli verde Tyres

I have 20" Michelins which are great (roadholding, wear etc - maybe a bit noisy), and was pondering whether to replace with these (about the same price on blackcircles).

Are they any good (being Pirelli will they wear quicker?)

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10-01-2014 03:35pm
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RE: Pirelli verde Tyres

My pirellis admittedly the 18 inch have 62,000 miles and still not on the legal markers yet.

I have been really impressed with ride, noise, grip in all conditions, including snow and sand, can't recommend enough.

One of the happy owners, ordered June 2011, delivered Wednesday 8th February 2012, now 97000 miles. Scorpions lasted 78'000 miles.

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11-01-2014 01:16pm
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RE: Pirelli verde Tyres

Got Michelin latitude sports 245/45R20 and they are awful!! 12k miles March 14 to Jan 15 and like ice rink on wet damp roundabouts and some bends. Was behind a Vauxhall Vectra yesterday 30mph, we both went into the bend he went through fine and I was under steering then gripped then back stepped out. Feel like they are on 25% inflation....had to order a set of scorpions today as just can't trust Michelin. So any offers on 4 michelins with 12110 miles on them give me a shout!

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08-01-2015 10:34pm
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