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No sound

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No sound

Hi guys, took delivery of my new RR on Thursday and live it, however once I connected by phone and made a call I encountered a problem. I can make a call and they can hear me but I can’t hear them? Also no sound from sat nav, despite radio sound dipping? And before you ask, the volume is up! Lol
Cant get it back in to garage till a week after next? Any ideas guys??

10-10-2017 11:16pm
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RE: No sound

Hi, I know you say the volume is up, but just in case, have you turned the volume knob while in the quiet mode, as the volume is modal on what is happening at the time, so turning the music up doesn't turn up the phone, or the parking sensors for instance they all have separate volumes.

Otherwise have you tried deleting and re-pairing the phone from scratch?

You don't mention which system you have or which phone you're using incase anyone has the same combination.

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11-10-2017 08:38am
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RE: No sound

My bro recently purchased a RR too and had a similar problem. One day it was working fine then the next day there was no sound whatsoever. Vehicle was approved used and 2 year warranty but this happened within 2 weeks. Turned out the amp had given up and needed to be replaced...
15-10-2017 11:59pm
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