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@@ Got my Car nicked.... but theres good news
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RE: @@ Got my Car nicked.... but theres good news

Glad you got it back - unfortunately thefts of these vehicles are high at the moment Sad

A lot of our clients have fitted trackers, many insurers because of theft risk are actually requiring trackers in certain postcodes for RR's.

A few use steering locks as a deterrent and put up the droppable parking bollards on their drives too (just don't forget it's there when you go to leave :lolSmile. Just a couple more ideas for security for you anyway. Deterrents although don't completely stop thefts require more time and effort when stealing, most thieves aim to get in and out quick and a vehicle that is visibly going to take them longer with possibly loud tools enhances their chances of being caught in the act and as such they will find something less protected and easier to take - that's the theory anyway!

Good luck!

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28-09-2020 11:23am
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