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Cost to replace brake pads & discs

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RE: Cost to replace brake pads & discs

After being quoted $900 just to replace Front only rotors and pads at Australs, I bought a whole set of front and rear pads & Rotors (Genuine Bosch) from Fry's spares in Sydney. Had them posted to Brisbane and total was $560.

In 3 hrs using basic hand tools and even the time consuming jack in the rear of the car, the brakes are all done.

You'll need a 7mm Allen Key
18mm Socket/wrench for front calliper bolts
15mm Socket/Wrench for rear calliper bolts
T50 Torx bit for Rotor screw
Bit of strength/leveredge for pushing the calliper piston back in

Don't think for a second these brakes are anything exotic. The front callipers have FoMoCo on them (Ford)

To charge $800 labour for this job is total extortion.

With access to power tools and a hoist, all 4 corners could be done in under an hour.

(31-01-2014 02:52pm)spif888 Wrote:  I've just completed 2 years of owing my Evoque.

My car went in today for its 52 000km/2 year service to Austral Landrover Brisbane (the only Landrover dealership in Brisbane). I was quoted around $800 for the service which I thought was fair enough considering it only goes in every 12 months. I wish that was where my story ended but wait there is more.

At 15h05 I received a call from the service department saying that both front and rear brakes and discs needed replacing. The cost:
Front brake pads & discs $500
Labour to replace parts $400

Rear brake pads $ discs $500
Labour to replace parts $400

I collected the vehicle at 1730. Therefore in 2 hours 25 minutes the labour charge to complete the replacement of the pads and discs was $800 - coincidently the car also visited the wash bay during this time.

Total bill $2500 - almost 5% of the selling price of the vehicle.

FOOTNOTE: On my way to collect the car, I phoned the Landrover dealership on the Gold Coast (80km away) and the cost to replace the front and rear brake pads & discs - $1200 - 50% cheaper. I know where I'm taking my car next year for its service.
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RE: Cost to replace brake pads & discs

Going through process of replacing all pads & rotors ATM, vehicle service last week noted both sets of rotors required replacement. I knocked back the dealers $600 quote per set to replace & opted to replace them myself. Ended up sourcing DBA replacements ($140~ for Rear & $220~ for front) with Brembo pads ($80/rear & $88/front) from Brakes Direct. All up about $530 delivered (free delivery) which is a much better deal than going through dealer. DBA also do slotted rotors if you want better performance which are a slightly dearer. I did see cheaper rotors/pads online but went with brands I've used before, I was very happy with the DBA 4000 series rotors in my old 2005 Subaru STi.

Fuji White Dynamic Si4
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