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Automatic Transmission

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Automatic Transmission


I have covered about 2700 miles in a 2017 Evoque TD4 HSE. I find the auto box always seems to want to keep the revs around 1400 revs. When I'm driving along in sport mode at a constant speed it will change up a gear and brings the revs back down to 1400-1500. At 1400 revs the turbo isn't up and spinning so it takes a lag (time) for the revs to increase to 1800-2000 for it (turbo) to kick-in and the car to shoot off. It makes the care feel un-smooth. I have started playing with the paddles and keep it around the 2K revs this way when you blip the accelerator to squeeze into a gap in busy London traffic the car responds straight away, no need to chug along until the turbo kicks in, by which the time the gap has all but disappeared. Initially I thought as it's a new car, it's just protecting the engine from reving to early in it's life, now I'm closing in on 3K. Has anybody else experienced/ing this?

02-10-2017 01:11pm
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