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Am new to forum

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Am new to forum

I have an evoque pure tech ,so many warning lights comes on can someone pls tell me if this ever happen to them

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01-10-2016 10:52pm
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RE: Am new to forum

Queens firstly welcome to the forum. How old is the car and are you the first owner from new? If it is within warranty then take to a dealer who should fix it for free. If it is an approved used purchase from a Land Rover dealer is it still within the approved used warranty, then same thing, take to a dealer. If you don't have any warranty the we will try to help, but the following is from reading posts here, someone else who is more of a mechanic/ DIY fixer like Philskill is better at these things than me!

Many of these faults can be due to the battery charge being a tiny bit low. First thing to try is to carry out a hard reset........... Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes + then reconnect. If there is no improvement then is the alternator working 100%, there are know issues with some car's alternators. Is the battery still the original one? If the car is a Mk1 then it may need a new battery to fix the issue as the old one isn't holding charge. If you drive the car as it is do the lights/ warnings go after a while? Another sign that the battery is on the way out but you alternator is OK as the battery is getting charged when driving. Another thing as it is the DSC/ Traction etc - have you just had any work done on the car that involved the brakes, like new pads as it could be that the pads were changed and the person servicing the car didn't change the sensors at the same time.............

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02-10-2016 10:15am
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