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  Thread: Changing tyres question
Post: RE: Changing tyres question

(06-03-2019 01:21am)wheels Wrote:  Because it's my understanding it's not the exact same rolling circumference The circumference difference between a 245/45-20 tyre and 225/65-17 tyre is only 0...
Sarcastrix General 6 3,586 06-03-2019, 02:25pm
  Thread: Is it possible to retrofit electric seats?
Post: RE: Is it possible to retrofit electric seats?

The door cards will cost you more than the seats!
Sarcastrix Modifications 8 4,027 31-08-2018, 12:51pm
  Thread: Dynamic lux mud flaps
Post: RE: Dynamic lux mud flaps

I fitted front & rears (with 20" wheels too) and likewise, never noticed much difference.
Sarcastrix General 4 2,202 08-08-2018, 10:52am
  Thread: Lock actuator
Post: RE: Lock actuator

Welcome to the forum, you might be able to pick a replacement up at breakers (or on eBay) if not speak to Dan @ Duckworths for a price with the forum discount. (Duckworth Parts forum:
Sarcastrix General 3 2,171 02-08-2018, 01:21pm
  Thread: Power Seat Recline problem
Post: Power Seat Recline problem

The passenger power seat recline has stopped working on my 3d SD4 and of course, the seat couldn't get stuck in the normal position, it's stuck bolt upright! The forward-back power seat functions wo...
Sarcastrix Technical 0 1,746 17-07-2018, 02:41pm
  Thread: Anyones Rain Sensors also activate the rear wiper?
Post: RE: Anyones Rain Sensors also activate the rear wi...

(01-06-2018 09:18am)brenhaze Wrote:  Then second time in the car it's never it done it again!! Spoooky! Anyone had this? Sure it wasn't when you were reversing? If the front wipers are running...
Sarcastrix General 3 2,097 07-06-2018, 12:13pm
  Thread: Dash full of lights and messages
Post: RE: Dash full of lights and messages

I get similar when the battery is low (MY 2012, 31k miles), the only thing I can suggest is to make sure the battery fully charged or even still holding it charge if it's the original battery.
Sarcastrix Technical 12 5,734 28-03-2018, 09:57am
  Thread: My 2012 to 2017 Evoque Facelift Conversion
Post: RE: My 2012 to 2017 Evoque Facelift Conversion

Great job & great pics 8)
Sarcastrix General 26 13,949 24-04-2017, 10:51am
  Thread: Cracked Panoramic Roof
Post: RE: Cracked Panoramic Roof

(08-12-2016 07:35pm)BobHLR Wrote:  Land Rover have suggested that if I use this very well known National supplier it could cause warranty problems. I am very disappointed with Land Rover over t...
Sarcastrix General 92 59,179 12-12-2016, 09:28am
  Thread: Evoque Squeak
Post: RE: Evoque Squeak

Sounds exactly the same as mine, but the noise stops when I touch the brake pedal. Was told I needed the discs skimming but as there's only 2mm of useable metal (11mm - 9mm) that's not a good solution...
Sarcastrix General 6 3,374 12-12-2016, 09:14am
  Thread: Dodgy Battery? ..Faulty Starter?... Something else??
Post: RE: Dodgy Battery? ..Faulty Starter?... Something...

Early models suffered a lot with battery/alternator problems. I had loads of trouble, even left for a week at the dealers who said the typical ' nothing wrong/computer say no' despite it going every f...
Sarcastrix Maintenance 13 6,541 31-10-2016, 09:33pm
  Thread: 6-spd lag
Post: RE: 6-spd lag

(26-10-2016 07:50am)benzina Wrote:  Interested in hearing anyone else here who have had this done, and can report there findings too? Sounds very promising. Further to my earlier thoughts above...
Sarcastrix Maintenance 65 32,906 26-10-2016, 10:56am
  Thread: Recall notice
Post: RE: Recall notice

ZF doesn't recommend dealers attempt to fix the crimp and a bad crimp cannot be detected by any cable or harness automated tester unless the crimp affects continuity. For instance, if the crimp grabs ...
Sarcastrix Modifications 3 3,148 26-10-2016, 10:49am
  Thread: Recall notice
Post: RE: Recall notice

It's been dragging on a few months now and there's no fix.
Sarcastrix Modifications 3 3,148 25-10-2016, 03:53pm
  Thread: DPF
Post: RE: DPF

You'll soon smell it, burning off the crap - Regenerating is the technical term :)
Sarcastrix General 7 3,575 24-10-2016, 07:56am
  Thread: Exploding/melting HB3 bulbs
Post: RE: Exploding/melting HB3 bulbs

(18-10-2016 03:17pm)RogB Wrote:  yep know all that, but 2 months is a bit ridiculous especially as the darker mornings/nights haven't been enough to have them on that often yet. It was either ju...
Sarcastrix General 30 11,661 20-10-2016, 08:35am
  Thread: Key fob battery
Post: RE: Key fob battery

No problem changing the battery, it's easy enough you just need to make sure that you're not using a cheapo CR2032 battery. Mine seem to last 2 years before the low battery warning appears, once the ...
Sarcastrix General 5 2,536 20-10-2016, 08:24am
  Thread: Exploding/melting HB3 bulbs
Post: RE: Exploding/melting HB3 bulbs

I think it depends if the 'exploded' bulb was OEM-spec or a cheap replacement. Cheap bulbs don't last as long, produce less light and have a tendency to go bang.
Sarcastrix General 30 11,661 17-10-2016, 12:46pm
  Thread: Jaguar F Pace
Post: RE: Jaguar F Pace

(17-10-2016 11:26am)doug Wrote:  Back to the F pace. Residuals should be strong, there's still a long waiting list and used models can fetch 20% above list price. No supply problems over here, ...
Sarcastrix Other Vehicles 12 16,609 17-10-2016, 12:41pm
  Thread: Smart Key Battery Low
Post: RE: Smart Key Battery Low

(29-09-2014 08:46am)Sarcastrix Wrote:  THIS! I've done the same, purchased a 10 pack on Amazon and several have been DOA or have quickly drained, saying that the one in Evoque fob has been okay...
Sarcastrix General 20 10,413 05-10-2016, 07:54am
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