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Engine Parts for the Range Rover Evoque L538 2012-2018
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Engine Parts for the Range Rover Evoque L538 2012-2018

We can help you get hold of lots of engine parts. Have a look below to see what is available for your vehicle.

Engine Parts for the Range Rover Evoque L538 (2012-2018 )

Range Rover Evoque L538 - 2.0 GTDI Petrol Engine

Air Intake Pipes, Sensors & Filter Box

Air filter LR029078
Mass air flow sensor LR019830


Alternator LR067840

Auxiliary Drive Belt & Pulleys

Auxiliary Belt LR066153
Auxiliary Belt tensioner LR034128
Upper Auxiliary Belt Idler Pulley LR028878 (x2 required)
Lower Auxiliary Belt Idler Pulley LR028879
Crankshaft Pulley LR078547

Brake Vacuum Pump

Brake Vacuum Pump LR047384

Cylinder Block & Sensors

Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal LR041955
Engine Knock Sensor LR025005 (x2 fitted)

Cylinder Head & Valves

Engine Gasket Set 01-36290-02
Cylinder Head Gasket Set 02-36290-02
Cylinder Head Gasket LR024975
Valve Stem Seal Set LR025018 & LR025006
Head Bolt Set LR025253
Camshaft Position Sensor LR084884

Cylinder Head Cover & Gaskets

Rocker Cover Gasket LR025664

Fuel Injectors & Rail

Petrol Injector LR072564

Ignition Coils & Spark Plugs

Spark Plug LR025605

Inlet Manifold & Cover

MAP sensor LR075167
Intake Manifold Gasket LR024991
Intake Manifold Seal LR024989

Intercooler & Pipes

Intercooler LR031925

Oil Filter & Cooler

Oil cooler LR025515
Oil pressure switch LR000633
Oil filter LR025306

Oil Pump

Oil Pump Chain Kit LR025625

Oil Sump Pan & Level Indicator

Plug Oil Drain LR025048

Radiator, Fan & Header Bottle

Radiator LR039530
Tank Expansion LR060349

Starter Motor

Standard Starter Motor LR084458
Stop Start Starter Motor (to VIN GH148290) LR070690
Stop Start Starter Motor (from VIN GH148291) LR080315

Thermostat & Water Outlet

Thermostat and Housing LR027158
Coolant Temperature Sensor LR025045

Timing Gear

Timing Chain Kit (Without Cam Sprockets) LR025000, LR025632, LR052670, LR025264
Full Timing Chain Kit LR025263, R025000, LR025632, LR052670, LR033733, LR050849, LR025264

Water Pump

Water Pump LR081578

Range Rover Evoque L538 - 2.0 Ingenium Diesel

Auxiliary Drive Belt & Tensioner

Auxiliary Belt LR079263
Auxiliary Belt Tensioner LR071712
Auxiliary Belt Idler Pulley LR071758 (runs under the belt between the crank pulley and the AC compressor pulley)
Auxiliary Belt Idler Pulley LR073726 (2 fitted to vehicle, one is part of the tensioner, the other runs over the belt above the crank pulley)

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Gasket - 1 notch - 1.3mm LR073638
Cylinder Head Gasket - 2 notch - 1.4mm LR073639
Cylinder Head Gasket - 3 notch - 1.5mm LR073640
Cylinder Head Gasket - 4 notch - 1.6mm LR073641
Cylinder Head Gasket - 5 notch - 1.7mm LR073642
Cylinder Head Bolt Kit LR073643

Range Rover Evoque L538 - 2.2 DW12 Diesel Engine

Air Intake & Air Cleaner Box

Air Filter LR005816
Insulator - Air Cleaner Housing LR000753
Air Cleaner Box Screw ADV8796
Mass Air Flow Sensor LR019830

Alternator & Mountings

Alternator (to VIN DH999999) LR028116
Alternator (from VIN EH000001) LR077394

Auxiliary Drive

Auxiliary belt tensioner LR003651

Camshaft Drive

Timing Belt Kit LR032526
Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump LR032527
Timing Belt LR004257
Timing Belt Idler Pulley LR000660


Inlet Camshaft LR021913
Exhaust Camshaft LR021914
Camshaft Oil Seal LR000659

Crankshaft, Pistons, Conrods & Bearings

Connecting Rod (Set Of 4) LR051836
Crankshaft Front Oil Seal LR052514
Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal LR052515

Cylinder Block

Oil Seal Retainer LR000644

Cylinder Head

Rocker Cover Gasket Set LR009411 + LR009412 x2 + LR002834
Head Gasket Set (Without Cylinder Head Gasket) 02-39244-01
Valve Stem Seals LR001242
Rocker Arm LR004167
Hydraulic Tappet LR004168
Valve Inlet LR004290
Valve Exhaust LR023172
Gasket Cylinder Head - 1 hole - 1.25mm LR017303
Gasket Cylinder Head - 2 hole - 1.30mm LR017304
Gasket Cylinder Head - 3 hole - 1.35mm LR017305
Gasket Cylinder Head - 4 hole - 1.40mm LR017307
Head Bolt Kit LR075366

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGR Valve LR000997
EGR Valve Gasket (cooler to EGR valve) LR000998

Cylinder Head Cover

Camshaft Position Sensor LR016847
Rocker Cover Gasket Set LR009411 + LR009412 x2 + LR002834

Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust Manifold Gasket LR022333

Fuel Filter & Pipes

Fuel Filter LR001313

Fuel Injection Pump

Gasket Injection Pump LR009028

Intercooler & Hoses

Intercooler LR031466
Hose - Intercooler to Throttle Body LR066436
Sensor - Air Temperature and Pressure LR021587

Oil Cooler & Filter

Oil Filter LR030778
Oil Cooler LR006653
Oil Cooler Gasket LR001262
Oil Pressure Switch LR005365

Radiator & Header Bottle

Radiator LR039623
Expansion Tank LR024296
Sensor - Coolant Level LR000930
Coolant Bottle Cap LR000243

Starter Motor

6 Speed Auto Starter LR007373
6 Speed Manual Stop/Start Starter LR014060
9 Speed Auto standard Starter (from VIN EH000001) LR007373
9 Speed Auto Stop/Start Starter (from VIN EH000001) LR084922

Sump Pan & Oil Level Indicator

Sump plug LR004304
Sump plug washer LR006295

Thermostat & Housing

Thermostat Assembly LR001312

Throttle Housing

Throttle Body & Motor LR012598

Timing Chain

Timing Chain Kit LR000663 + LR001300


Turbocharger LR065510

Vacuum Pump - Brakes

Brake Vacuum Pump LR037627

Water Pump

Water Pump & Gasket LR011694

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