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  Thread: SD4 Engine flat spot
Post: RE: SD4 Engine flat spot

(07-04-2019 10:46am)carlos50 Wrote:  Hi there, new to the forum, just picked up a 63 plate Si4 Dynamic for my wife and it has a terrible flat spot, or more like a lack of power when accelerating...
KaDargo General 54 17,232 08-04-2019, 12:46pm
  Thread: Low Battery Notification
Post: Low Battery Notification

When I switch on, a 'low battery' notification flashes up, then quickly disappears. The car starts ok without a hitch, and everything works (except the heated screen, typically at the moment as SWMBO...
KaDargo Technical 13 4,575 05-01-2017, 02:21pm
  Thread: Have you got a rattle or two?
Post: RE: Have you got a rattle or two?

(13-11-2016 11:04pm)PhilSkill Wrote:  I've had a rattle in what I thought was the rear door card, it was intermittent and usually started after using the rear door. I was clipping the rear seat...
KaDargo Polls 86 72,676 04-01-2017, 05:54pm
  Thread: Has anyone seen one yet?
Post: RE: Has anyone seen one yet?

Tim, agree on the ugly. Re Tesla, I take it you've seen the I-Pace
KaDargo Convertible 15 16,093 16-11-2016, 08:59am
  Thread: 6-spd lag
Post: RE: 6-spd lag

(21-06-2016 02:34pm)benzina Wrote:  So even acceleration to say 100kph would have to be faster too. KaDargo, are you saying that their is absolutely no lag when you floor it from standstill, a...
KaDargo Maintenance 65 25,892 22-06-2016, 12:18pm
  Thread: 6-spd lag
Post: RE: 6-spd lag

Update - still the same, no lag - and if anything economy seems ever so slightly improved (was averaging 34-35 over the 4 years, now seems to be heading for 35-36)
KaDargo Maintenance 65 25,892 21-06-2016, 11:52am
  Thread: 6-spd lag
Post: RE: 6-spd lag

(20-05-2016 09:57am)XFullFatTim Wrote:  Often people think it is turbo-lag but many reckon it is something in the gearbox software, RRS has the same issue with it's 8 speed ZF gearbox as do many...
KaDargo Maintenance 65 25,892 20-05-2016, 10:49am
  Thread: 6-spd lag
Post: 6-spd lag

Just had 4th service done, and they also applied s/w update Q585 (engine management system upgrade) which also included a gearbox update - early days, touch wood etc, but I think it may have cured t...
KaDargo Maintenance 65 25,892 19-05-2016, 08:23pm
  Thread: TIRES

Just replaced my Michelins after 40,000 with Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season for £140 each via a very well known online retailer. Good tyres (very good grip etc) but starting to get very noisy with ...
KaDargo Maintenance 20 12,930 27-04-2016, 11:38am
  Thread: Gtechnic glass
Post: Gtechnic glass

Detailing time - I have just bought a kit containing some g1, g2, g4, g6 etc - does one leave the front side windows alone as they are already coated ?
KaDargo Detailing & Car Care 1 6,963 23-04-2016, 10:37am
  Thread: 2014 vs 2016 MPG & Sound System
Post: RE: 2014 vs 2016 MPG & Sound System

(12-04-2016 08:56pm)bee Wrote:  thats why im sticking with my 14 dynamic. That's 'cos it's on the best colour as well !!
KaDargo My Range Rover Evoque 22 9,211 13-04-2016, 04:40pm
  Thread: Music
Post: Music

Just been listening to the new David Gilmour album - it's called 'Rattle that Evoque'
KaDargo General 2 1,442 03-01-2016, 04:36pm
  Thread: Small chunk missing from tire
Post: RE: Small chunk missing from tire

(29-07-2015 09:54am)Wifes car Wrote:  I agree I don't think it's a problem at all, however if concerned take it to a reputable tyre fitter and enquire. On our last Evoque we had a sidewall bulge...
KaDargo General 4 2,857 29-07-2015, 12:27pm
  Thread: 3rd service
Post: RE: 3rd service

(08-05-2015 01:15pm)RacingSnake Wrote:  Jeez, mine is in right now, and I'm paying £350 for the service, plus they quoted an extra £290 for the rear pads :shock: :shock: :shock: £55 for the brak...
KaDargo Service Information 16 19,887 08-05-2015, 02:32pm
  Thread: 3rd service
Post: RE: 3rd service

3yr service + mot booked - £345 + £35 - not bad for Sussex
KaDargo Service Information 16 19,887 24-03-2015, 12:58pm
  Thread: Best Wax??
Post: RE: Best Wax??

(06-03-2015 10:27am)Mark^^ Wrote:  Expensive, but I also have been using Swissvax for years as well I put 2 coats of Collinite 915 on mine each spring, and it lasts all year (in fact, still bea...
KaDargo Photos & Video 7 3,927 06-03-2015, 03:00pm
  Thread: Auto Carwashes
Post: RE: Auto Carwashes

Just spent the day washing ( two buckets), polish (AG), and then collinite 915 wax on top - never been near a car wash in 3 years, still looks like new !!
KaDargo General 32 11,230 01-02-2015, 08:20pm
  Thread: What a trooper! 4 hours in the rain.
Post: RE: What a trooper! 4 hours in the rain.

Drinking lemonade obviously, Tim
KaDargo General 9 2,899 10-12-2014, 01:29pm
  Thread: Smile
Post: RE: Smile

28,890 almost trouble free (1 flat battery), and with quite a bit of life left in the Michelin Latitude's
KaDargo General 2 1,483 12-11-2014, 08:15am
  Thread: Smile
Post: Smile

After 2 1/2 years ownership (and a few rattles) I unblip at night, the mirrors fold out and the puddle lights come on - they still make me :) I still love this car (with quite a bit of forgiveness) :...
KaDargo General 2 1,483 11-11-2014, 04:05pm
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