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  Thread: Evoque Going Going!
Post: RE: Evoque Going Going!

Fantastic car, would be my first choice if the pennies add up (which they didn't on this occasion :()
heronb General 24 7,768 07-04-2015, 09:31pm
  Thread: News about 2016 MY RREs
Post: RE: News about 2016 MY RREs

£1500 JLR/dealer contribution when taking out a PCP applies to the current HSE Dynamic, I actually think the price increase barring the £800 for AD are modest. The new 'must have' wheels at £300 on a...
heronb General 60 26,214 07-04-2015, 02:43am
  Thread: Contrast roof in Corris Grey
Post: Contrast roof in Corris Grey

Now that we have some lovely new Evoques on the road has anyone seen or ordered one with the contrast roof in Corris grey, I believe this replaced Indus at the end of last year. Thanks
heronb General 0 977 04-03-2015, 11:03am
  Thread: Evoque facelift – summer 2015?
Post: RE: Evoque facelift – summer 2015?

Tim, based on your thoughts on timings and with the facelifted car debuting at Geneva, when do you think the factory will be switching to the new engines?
heronb Orders 18 19,008 19-02-2015, 12:01pm
  Thread: Which MY are we on?
Post: Which MY are we on?

Asked a salesman recently which MY was applicable and he was MY14 I asked? Oh yeah thats right. My current car is MY13, in the for sale section if you're interested:D And I'm off to the deal...
heronb General 6 2,204 05-02-2015, 10:26pm
  Thread: Personal Lease
Post: Personal Lease

I'm going a bit radical, for me anyway, with my new car finance. Looking to go the Personal Lease route, does anyone have any recommended dealers that have this facility. Most seem to have business le...
heronb Finance & Insurance 1 10,161 04-02-2015, 12:37pm
  Thread: Tyre Price & Life expectancy survey (Different Sizes) ?
Post: RE: Tyre Price & Life expectancy survey (Different...

40,000 miles? I don't have experience of tyre wear on the evoque but I normally get 20000 out of a set on previous cars. 30,000 will be great.
heronb General 28 8,692 24-01-2014, 09:59am
  Thread: Rattle/crackle
Post: Rattle/crackle

Just been for a 350 mile round trip and a dreaded rattle/crackle noise started in the dash (drivers side), so off to the service centre on thursday. I hope its a rattle but it had a distinct electric...
heronb General 4 2,063 18-01-2014, 03:06pm
  Thread: UnLandRovering
Post: RE: UnLandRovering

(11-01-2014 04:38pm)Chrisr1806 Wrote:  I'm proud to have Land Rover on my bonnet! My new Range Rover Sport may say Range Rover, it's a Land Rover at heart. RR wheel caps and other badges look ...
heronb General 35 11,948 14-01-2014, 06:03pm
  Thread: RRE with Halogen bulbs - vast improvement Nightbreakers
Post: RE: RRE with Halogen bulbs - vast improvement Nigh...

I'm sure that this has been mentioned before but I just turn my fogs on (they don't dazzle), the standard bulbs are pretty rubbish.
heronb General 11 3,998 14-01-2014, 05:47pm
  Thread: Where's Evo Been? (2)
Post: RE: Where's Evo Been? (2)

North Yorkshire Moors ;)
heronb General 7 2,855 31-12-2013, 10:32am
  Thread: MY14 Mirror Size v Original
Post: RE: MY14 Mirror Size v Original

(28-11-2013 03:55pm)XFullFatTim Wrote:  Hi Richard, I can understand the tail and grille badging - but in the bit the driver see's most? I'm sure that Mr Tata doesn't sign off the dash board dis...
heronb General 52 19,333 28-11-2013, 08:12pm
  Thread: Evoque - aging badly....
Post: RE: Evoque - aging badly....

Styling still looks sharp in my eyes and those are the ones that count
heronb General 31 11,899 26-11-2013, 04:43pm
  Thread: Cirrus leather and jeans
Post: RE: Cirrus leather and jeans

Old news, Cirrus is good as new after 8 months
heronb Detailing & Car Care 39 25,209 26-11-2013, 01:48pm
  Thread: Santorini Black from Holland
Post: RE: Santorini Black from Holland

heronb My Range Rover Evoque 29 17,449 18-10-2013, 01:53pm
  Thread: FINALLY!

(18-10-2013 12:13pm)Hungrypilot Wrote:  I Plasti-Dip'd the crap out of my Audi A4 that I used to have. I can't bring myself to mess with a brand new car. I think I'll leave it stock for a whil...
heronb Photos & Video 7 4,667 18-10-2013, 01:47pm
  Thread: What to replace the Evoque with?
Post: RE: What to replace the Evoque with?

(18-10-2013 09:49am)scottie99 Wrote:  Your right, the car hasn't shrunk, but many of us original owners bought 'off plan' without seeing a physical car. We didn't realise the boot would not be ...
heronb General 66 20,732 18-10-2013, 01:40pm
  Thread: Shaken...not stirred
Post: RE: Shaken...not stirred

Is it me or is the Rapide smiling....yeah it's me.;)
heronb General 8 3,172 17-10-2013, 05:21pm
  Thread: Awesome Land Rover vs. Dodge Ram.... Definately stirred!
Post: RE: Awesome Land Rover vs. Dodge Ram.... Definatel...

Must give this a go with the brother-in-laws RAM v Evoque.:shock:
heronb Other Vehicles 2 2,499 17-10-2013, 05:00pm
  Thread: Photoshoot time :)
Post: RE: Photoshoot time :)

(17-10-2013 04:43pm)XFullFatTim Wrote:  There can't bee too many evoques with the 2 seat rear bench option too Its a nice touch if you don't need three seats, and would you buy a coupe if you d...
heronb Photos & Video 10 6,190 17-10-2013, 04:58pm
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