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Two seen today... - mark_n - 15-01-2016 08:54pm

I saw two orange cabriolets today on JLR's usual test route from Gaydon, south on the A46 to Evesham, across to Moreton in Marsh on the A44 and back on the Fosse Way, A429. There have been a lot of Jaguar F-Pace's as well.

I can see it will have a life-style appeal but more in countries like Oz and the US. Not sure how it will be in the UK.

The rear end reminded me of an old Vauxhall Astra for some reason though the hood up looks better than I expected.

RE: Two seen today... - Biker - 17-01-2016 10:31pm

Here in OZ

An Australian debut for the topless Evoque has also been confirmed for the third quarter of 2016, with a starting price of $84,440 plus on-road costs. Land Rover Australia probably had a good deal in forward currency cover. The AUD is taking a nose dive and the prices look very different at today's actual rate.

84440 AUD = 40610 GBP on 18 Jan 2016
84440 AUD = 38840 GBP on 30 Sept 2015
For once this looks like Aussie are not paying through there nose as is usual, compared to starting price of GBP 47,500 for there convertibles.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible pricing (plus on-road costs):
*insert* - Don't think Luxury Car Tax is include in this price below

Si4 SE Dynamic Convertible – $84,440
Td4-180 SE Dynamic Convertible – $84,835
​Si4 HSE Dynamic Convertible​ – $92,015
Td4-180 HSE Dynamic Convertible – $92,410