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Poor Boys Polish - 5jms5 - 03-07-2015 03:05pm

Hi Folks

I have just given the RRE a really deep clean. I used two new products both made by a company called Poor Boys. The first was White Diamond polish which I then followed with EXP sealant. I am not affiliated to anyone associated to these products. Wow is the effect on the Fuji white the polish really does a great job. I used normal mcguires on black bits and a glass cleaner on windows and roof. I would post some pictures to show you all but it is hard to see how good it came up on the White.

Anyone got any recommendations for a good wheel cleaner, polish and sealant my wheels are black so I have just given them a good shampoo and rinse for now.

RE: Poor Boys Polish - PhilSkill - 03-07-2015 10:00pm

I've put gtechniq C4 (or 5) on mine, excellent sealant, but needs good prep, including panel wipe before application, they do a great de-iron to remove the brake dust too.

Best done with wheels off the car, Its a lot of work, but done right is an excellent sealant and will last over a year.