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Which MY are we on? - heronb - 05-02-2015 10:26pm

Asked a salesman recently which MY was applicable and he was MY14 I asked? Oh yeah thats right.

My current car is MY13, in the for sale section if you're interestedVery Happy

And I'm off to the dealership on Saturday to try a pick out a new one, I know that MY14 was the wing mirror redesign are we on MY15 yet and did that coincide with the 9sp auto? If so anything else.

I see there's a facelift to come and the new engines but they are too far off for me.

Re: Which MY are we on? - ceebee - 05-02-2015 11:24pm

Got my dynamic last July and its a MY15 and it has the 9 speed auto if that helps.
Also has the tyre pressure monitor system and the in control as standard. (But not the in control apps)

RE: Which MY are we on? - Redrob - 06-02-2015 12:00am

Had our Dynamic Lux since July 21st last year and it was MY15
We actually bought 3 brand spanking new Evoque's last year and they were an MY13, a MY14 and a MY15
Need to know when MY16 comes out so I keep the continuity going........

RE: Which MY are we on? - morey000 - 06-02-2015 04:20am

just ordered one. Expected delivery, beginning of May. MY2015. I may get one of the last '15's. Smile

RE: Which MY are we on? - MrNoo - 06-02-2015 06:44pm

JLR are getting ridiculous with their MY's. Jaguar have just announce the MY16 F Type (manual gearbox, AWD et al) and it's only February. I know China is an important market for JLR but using the Chinese year seems daft to me Very Happy.

RE: Which MY are we on? - MartinP - 06-02-2015 08:54pm

My new one, due next month, is a MY15. I'm sure that when the 16's are released the prices will change to reflect that!

RE: Which MY are we on? - morey000 - 06-02-2015 09:48pm

And- in a bit of history. General Motors created the "Model Year". Instituting small design changes each year to make your current car look old/outdated- which proved to be a great idea for auto sales.