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Site donations - Acwats - 18-10-2011 11:01pm

Hopefully this is within the rules......

Not sure if you've noticed but there is a link to make a donation to this site.
I don't know Martin and have no interest to declare from this post.

Having used it for nearly 5 months now I've just realised that I've taken its existence for granted without thinking about the guys that make it possible. We all contribute and the content makes it worth reading but we couldn't do it on our own.

If you already knew about this then sorry for wasting your time, if you didn't you do now.

RE: Site donations - mark_n - 18-10-2011 11:18pm

I agree - Done.

RE: Site donations - Tekno - 18-10-2011 11:28pm

Not a chance.

RE: Site donations - cjfp - 19-10-2011 05:34am

Good ol' Tekno.

I gave some months ago, all helps towards the upkeep (and a nice curry and beer)

RE: Site donations - mark_n - 19-10-2011 06:37am

(19-10-2011 05:34am)cjfp Wrote:  Good ol' Tekno.

Yes, he's all heart, isn't he?

RE: Site donations - Evoqess - 19-10-2011 07:03am

I don't know, but his/her posts are growing on me - even making me chuckle at times. Tekno, you can't possibly be as gruff as you come across. I expect you have a dry sense of humor, and I do like that our online community has a very diverse group of personalities Smile

RE: Site donations - SW6RR - 19-10-2011 09:39am

Ah don't worry - I just donated in Tekno's name Smile)

RE: Site donations - Token - 19-10-2011 10:21am

Agree...Tekno makes me laugh...that will probably make him/her pretty unhappy!

Keep up the good work Tekno...we love you!!

RE: Site donations - PhilSkill - 19-10-2011 04:14pm

Hey Tekno did you enter on the "What do you do for a living" thread... Banker Very Happy

RE: Site donations - cjfp - 11-03-2012 12:44pm

Can I just bump this thread to remind all users that it costs money to keep this site up and running and therefore if you use and like this site, please be good enough to make a small donation towards its upkeep - Donation button is there at the top. Cheers.