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Apple Carplay upgrade for 2017 Model? - Alpenostrand - 10-03-2021 11:04am

I own a 2017 BRR with the InControl Touch Pro system, but without the InControl Connect Pro option.

With the lastest update to the system Apple Carplay is still unavailable, my dealer says it's because of the missing InControl Connect Pro option. Can anyone confirm that this might cause the issue?

Has anyone successfully activated Apple Carplay with a 10" InControl Touch Pro system without InControl Connect Pro? My car has no SIM card slot and HDMI input in the middle console. But two USB connections where I can connect my iPhone and at least listen to music from the phone.

The navigation system on the InControl Touch Pro is offline navigation, so I would like to use Apple or Google maps for navigation. Any idea how I can retrofit Apple Carplay to my Evoque?

Thx for any input.

RE: Apple Carplay upgrade for 2017 Model? - Biker - 03-04-2021 04:49am

Assuming you have the 10"screen without the buttons on the side.
You will need to at the very least to get the cable between the USB/armrest section to the back of the InControl Touch Pro screen replaced. It runs under the drivers seat and seat needs to come out.
Cable not available from JLR. Once cable and ports (armrest console connections) are installed and connected, you must get the Car Configuration File updated which then will allow you to get the latest Smartphone Pack from JLR installed. And then you can use Apple Carplay or Android Auto.