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Best Spec for Evoque - Smet - 27-07-2020 09:58pm

Hi, I've placed a deposit on a new 2020 First Edition but I'm having second thoughts for these reasons:

My BMW X5 has an opening pan roof which I like the thought of but don't open it that much. Would I be better off choosing a Dynamic HSE and add the opening pan roof as an extra and sacrifice some of the 1st Edition standard extras instead. Are there any issues with the opening roof? The same spec as the 1st is £4K more which is quite a lot for a sliding pan roof.

Which engine is best, diesel or petrol?

"Which" magazine has placed the new Evoque as a "Don't Buy" due to reliability issues. Is this justified and should I heed their advice and buy a BMW X2 or XC40 instead?

I do love the look of the Evoque.

Any advice and all replies will be gratefully received with thanks.