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Engine shudder /judder /vibration - Morgan - 31-03-2019 10:02pm

Hi all new to the forum but would like to ask for some advice please. I've been lucky enough to purchase a used Evoque but have been experiencing a few issues. I've bought a 2013 eD4 manual with 21k miles on the clock from a local dealer. After having the car for a few days I've noticed a judder whilst accelerating. The vibration can be felt through the floor, seat and steering wheel but is only when the car is at around 1400-1800 rpm. For example if I'm in 3rd gear travelling at 30mph and try to accelerate the problem occurs, again the same at 40mph in 4th gear and the problem is still apparent when in 6th gear doing 60mph, you get the idea. I returned the car to the dealer who also noticed the problem however they had no idea what it could be. After leaving the car with them they have checked the tyres/balancing ect, problem still there, they've then changed the drive shafts & bearings, problem still there and finally changed the clutch, dual mass flywheel thrust bearing ect however you've guessed it the problem is still there. They've now told me that they've found out it is a common trait of the engine and don't think there's anything that can be done. I find it difficult to believe this could be true as I've driven diesel cars for over 20 years and never had this problem. Has anyone on here had the same problem and more importantly found the "fix". Thanks in advance.

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RE: Engine shudder /judder /vibration - wheels - 01-04-2019 01:41am

Have experienced the same in second gear under heavy accelleration and high tourque and low revs.
But mine is an auto and always thought it was the clutch in the auto that couldn´t cope. Your car is a manual though.
Maybe the wastegate in the turbo that can´t decide wether to be open or closed under high boost and low revs that flutter, causing the effect

Engine shudder /judder /vibration - Morgan - 01-04-2019 09:16am

Thanks for the reply. It could be the turbo but I would have thought you'd hear a chirp as the air gets stucked back in.

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RE: Engine shudder /judder /vibration - wheels - 01-04-2019 12:50pm

That would be the the valve on the inlet side beetween the turbo and intake, not sure the Evoque has one. never checked.
But thinking a little more about it, it could be a differential slipping and locking. Not sure what your car is ecuipped with though. Are you going straith ahead or turning? Lets hope someone with knowlege answers here

Engine shudder /judder /vibration - Morgan - 01-04-2019 03:15pm

No running in a straight line. I have found another post which sounds very similar.

Again doesn't really come up with an answer. I'm wondering whether an egr delete and remap might address the issue. If does feel as if I've selected to high a gear for the speed however like previously mentioned I don't think 50mph in fifth or 60mph in 6th gear is asking too much.

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Engine shudder /judder /vibration - Morgan - 13-04-2019 08:25am

Just in case this might help anyone but finally got to the bottom of the problem. 2x injectors had failed. No eml had come on nor any stored faults in ecu, fault was only apparent while under load.

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RE: Engine shudder /judder /vibration - wheels - 14-04-2019 07:58am

Thanks for updating. strange fault