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Adblue - Kianf40 - 14-08-2018 05:54pm

Anybody experiencing any problems with adblue I have had to fill up my ad blue 6 times this year and I’ve only had the car since January? Just wondering if this is normal and what should I do about it?

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RE: Adblue - RogB - 15-08-2018 09:09am

I know there have been issues with the frequency of adblue top up with LR/RR and I think that some dealers are topping up for free between services.
I had a 2016 2.0Cdti Insignia that required adblue top up every 1500-2000 miles...

RE: Adblue - PhilSkill - 15-08-2018 06:25pm

Hi, How much are you putting in and how often? what mileage and driving conditions?

Adblue - bigmac3161 - 15-08-2018 08:24pm

Only filled mine twice in just over 2 years

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RE: Adblue - mrfleurs - 16-08-2018 05:10pm

Just checked the LR Remote app and it says 4971 miles to top up. Car has done approx 700 miles since new.

Adblue - Kianf40 - 17-08-2018 10:40pm

Hiya, I fill up like every 2 months it’s pops up saying fill adblue within certain miles otherwise won’t start and I use about a full large bottle
And daily runs to work, about 60-70 miles a day

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