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replacement cameras
top drive

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replacement cameras

Hello , I have 2 non working cameras on a MY12 Evoque that i need to replace,

They are bj32 4 pin cameras and are 250+ vat from Dealer. LR025912 P/N

I can get the 6 pin cameras for subsequent models for 50 quid.....

Has anyone seen the 4 pin cameras cheaper or have a work around as 6-700 quid for 2 cameras isnt happening.
28-03-2018 08:38am
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RE: replacement cameras

My reversing camera just died for no clear reason.
Evoque 2014.
Can you please give me a part number/link for a new one? Thank you!
10-04-2018 11:47am
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RE: replacement cameras

Did you manage to source cheaper cameras?
My 11-plate rear surround camera started throwing up an intermittent blue screen last week, usually first thing in the morning. The screen has been a bit foggy for about a month. Then it went continuous blue last Monday,
I’ve recently retired so I did all the homework on an original BJ32-19H422-AB 4 Pin versus a newer CPLA-19H422-AC 6 Pin which are both listed by JLR as Part LR025912.
Apart from the 4/6 pin plug difference the BJ32 has two other references, excepting the physical camera assembly line number, also printed on the white manufacture sticker. These are HW 000.1 and SW 0200 whilst on the CPLA they are HW 000.6 and SW 0100 but after much detailed enquiry no-one seems to know what these refer to or will tell me. JLR state it’s a secret!
I say that because Audi/VW/Porsche have an identically housed camera with 4 pins 7P6-980-551C SW 0105 HW H05 made in the same factory in Ireland at one third of the price or less!!
I nearly tried one but bit the bullet and took the £300 hit at the “stealership” as I use the reversing camera every day.
So, being inquisitive, I dismantled the original camera. 4 T6 screws and then 3 T6 screws. The aluminium corrosion on the two washers around the plug spindle is the issue that allows water to get into the housing. The bottom well of the housing was full of H20.
Dried it all out in the airing cupboard, reassembled it and tried it back on the car. 100% fully functioning so I now have a spare! Just keep your fingers off the CMOS sensor on the circuit board and you may save yourself £600.
I’d still be keen to know if the Audi/VW/Porsche one works and what the references relate to if anyone knows?
I have tried to post 5 photographs I took whilst making the repair but they’re too large for the site to accept.
Incidentally the “stealership” advised me they drill a small drain hole in the bottom of the plastic moulding the housing sits in to prevent it filling like a bucket on a booked in renewal.
07-10-2018 04:31pm
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RE: replacement cameras

Yes heard someone previously repairing the camera by dismantling, cleaning and then silicone the case back up! Definitely worth a go if you can get access to it

MY12 Fuji Dynamic SD4 Manual, Pano Roof, Electric Tailgate with own Close module
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07-10-2018 09:41pm
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