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Williams F1 ceramic coat

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RE: Williams F1 ceramic coat

Thankyou what prep has been done None !!
An 18 year old and have seen it at Carlisle doing it the so called prep !! And all other garages they are 1000% profit on these coatings would you allow these guys I wouldn't and didn't and am so glad as I have seen what they can do and have done
07-05-2012 02:13pm
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RE: Williams F1 ceramic coat

You must take everything that Lloyds tell you with 'a pinch of salt', just bought a RR from them a couple of months ago and being kind the salesman was mistaken but more likely just telling lies. Ie. Upgraded RR wheels when in fact they were after-market ones, the car has the park heater fitted ,not fitted and not possible to fit.
14-07-2013 09:58am
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(06-05-2012 08:16pm)kevoque Wrote:  Thank you xxxx5 someone that sees sense also cheers !!
Call up Gtechniq there is a detailer in the Workington area get a quote from him to get a full detail and it will be a proper job not some kid doing a job by putting a sealer/ceramic coat over paint that has not had any prep!!
Trust me You may as well give the sales man £200 extra for selling you a car as the profit his 1000% to the salesman he pockets it and yes it would look good under the lights in the showroom! Drive it then to a detailer and under his lights you would be straight onto the phone to the garage to say WTF this is a new car I just
Bought and see the state of the paint and the coating you just put onto my new car!! Please spend £200-£300 and get it detailed if you want it done pm me I can help you out!!
30-09-2016 05:00pm
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RE: Williams F1 ceramic coat

The issue isn't the products you are buying it's the prep work that's key before the product is applied. The bodywork needs to scrupiously cleaned and every blemish taken out or the coating with just seal it in and you will never get the marks out unless you remove the coating. Unfortunately the "cleaners" at the dealers are not detailers and in general do not carry out the correct prep work and these coatings from them are just a waste of money. Please go to a 'real' detailer if you want really protect your new pride and joy. Take a look on detailing world if you want to see it done the right way
30-09-2016 11:22pm
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Williams F1 ceramic coat

Kamazie ism coat
Or just do it ur self its not hard
01-10-2016 10:57am
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