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Touchless winter wash.

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Touchless winter wash.

Lack of time and weather so 1 hour touchless wash using BH autofoam with hot water in pump sprayer then gyeon Q2 foam. Then powerwashed no bucket wash not dried quick out in the cold then back in the nice warm house.
[Image: 03b188c86f927c8ce3900f29cc5077d4.jpg]
[Image: 1ef0afb7df88e3a355447380ea6cf147.jpg]
[Image: 376ed3b9f4e3a3bd3f2c9909b3664f63.jpg]
Autofoam at work.
[Image: dc03fc9d506f869a50b8a2c82d3d56ee.jpg]
[Image: 12f035af84f49f7c3a13da8030e08465.jpg]
Gyeon foam.
[Image: 272ae2604312746b6dae51d9dce0c219.jpg]
[Image: 33dbaca48756a71934ee17e6f60d85a3.jpg]
[Image: e2ebc75f083115e6f1bb5f53dc727740.jpg]
And after not spotless by any means but much better
[Image: 8656b93833271855dc01840b9da9a419.jpg]
[Image: 380ade4f53b34ddae0deef635090a01f.jpg]
Even got some flake pop in the winter sun.
[Image: e0d9602505441d7e9a90e910776fcd93.jpg]
[Image: 310c3ffd998a231bf7aad9762e9292b5.jpg]
28-01-2017 08:59pm
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Touchless winter wash.

That's blooming amazing. You got that much foam from a pump sprayer? Do you mind saying which one you used? I don't possess one but would like to have a go.

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29-01-2017 09:57pm
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