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Signal Blocking Pouch for key fob
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Signal Blocking Pouch for key fob

Those of you with keyless entry will be well aware if the security issues and concerns about thieves using scanners to grab the signals between the fob and the car. One way to protect yourself against this is to by a Faraday Cage type pouch to store the key fobs in. These are soft finish pouches with a special metallic mesh lined section that encloses the fob in a mesh envelope and blocks the transmissions. After trying several of these pouches to little or no effect I have found this really cheap one on Amazon that works and blocks the signals 100%. For the £7 charge you get 2 pouches.

It is important that you make sure that you put the key fob into the section that is fully lined with the mesh, not the front section (that offers no protection) !

When you open it it might look like this, which isn’t the Secure part
[Image: qdPfDl.jpg]

You need to open it so it looks like this
[Image: TB3Ztc.jpg]

Drop your keyboard into the section fully lined with the special blocking mesh thus
[Image: VjAtKs.jpg]

Release the sides seams to close and the fold the cover over onto the Velcro to completely seal the envelope
[Image: NA5rOJ.jpg]

[Image: PUCeVL.jpg]

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