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I was looking under my MY2012 Dynamic Si4 and was surprised by the amount of visible rust on show
The car has 25k on the clock and one previous owner
General condition is good
Main areas of concern are the petrol tank shield(s) and the exhaust
The petrol tank shield is completed rusted and a couple of edges are rusted through. To replace, it would seem the exhaust and propshaft and possibly some ancillary items would need to be removed, which is not trivial. Not sure how critical this shield is, the fuel tank itself is made of plastic, but I guess the shield is important for off road activity ( not a priority for me )
The exhaust is surprisingly rusty ( some joints around the silencer box are looking close to failure ) considering age. Previous vehicles I have owned for considerably longer have had the original exhausts in place and no rust damage apparent
I guess I am just a bit surprised / disappointed that a premium vehicle in this day and age would exhibit such problems
Is this normal for the Evoque, Anyone else noted similar ?
24-04-2018 09:59pm
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RE: Rust

Yes this is pretty standard, the shield is not overly important, but I believe someone has had the Tank Strap fail from rust which is important.

The Exhaust being 6 years old now, is likely to show some rust, they get very hot with the DPF Regen and burn off anything used for protection, so unless you buy a stainless steel exhaust there will come a time the exhaust needs replacing.

All the salt they put on the roads now in the winter while good for traction is unfortunately often a cause of rust.

MY12 Fuji Dynamic SD4 Manual, Pano Roof, Electric Tailgate (ask me about my auto close module)
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25-04-2018 01:44pm
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RE: Rust

Hi Phil

Thanks for the reply ..

The car is petrol so I dont have the DPF regen but I take your point .. the car lived most of its life in the midlands .. maybe they have more salt up there compared to London Smile

I found a picture on the web of the underside of a new car. It was a stainless steel exhaust supplier and is showing a new exhaust. However you can clearly see nice a nice shiny fuel tank shield .. looks possibly galvanised ? Maybe later cars have better protection ( pic attached )

Anyways its far to difficult to remove at moment if its not causing an issue ( I'll wait until I need to replace the diff / haldex Smile )

Thanks again

.jpg  underside-picture-new-deisel-milltek-exhaust2.jpg (Size: 487.28 KB / Downloads: 33)
25-04-2018 02:44pm
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RE: Rust

oooh - that is pretty!!!!!!

i have no interest in looking underneath my MY2012 Wink


2012 Prestige Premium
27-04-2018 03:05am
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