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Roof rack confusion

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Roof rack confusion

I have a 2013 Evoque and I am looking for a good looking roof rack system for my car. There is not enough information online, and I want more information than the dealer is giving me. Can anyone tell me what all you need to order an aftermarket rack (cross bars, rails, etc.) and maybe some of your favorite brands! Thanks.
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24-04-2015 06:44pm
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RE: Roof rack confusion

Well I'm by all means no expert, but it depends on what route you want to take. Assuming you don't have them already, there are two routes that I'm aware of:

1.) Buy rails which get installed into factory slots, then buy cross bars that are made to fit into the rails.
2.) Buy aftermarket cross bars that sit inside the door frames.

The first option is obviously more expensive, as you have to buy the rails and cross bars, but it means you have a cleaner setup, and allows you to easily remove the cross bars and leave the rails on. That means you don't have to deal with lining the cross bars up inside the door frames, or worry about scratching the paint.

The second option has less hardware, and less up front investment (in price and install time). You simply place the feet inside the door frames and tighten it down. Taken this route means you can just buy a simple Thule, Yakima, etc. universal cross bar set (with fitted feet) and whatever attachment you want. It also means you can remove them and go back to a completely clean roof.

I am likely taking the factory rail approach, as I had universal cross bars in my previous car, and I just want to take advantage of the fact that there is a built-in way to do it. My only hesitation is that I like the clean lines of the bare roof, but I'm personally not a huge fan of having the feet installed in the door frames.

Links would probably help:

The cheapest I've found the OEM rails are:

If you have the pano roof, you need:

The cross bars themselves:

Or if you want to go with Thule for the bars (while using the OEM rails), you can select the "Roof Railing" option on this page:

Otherwise select "Normal Roof", which means you'll need the fitted feet.
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29-04-2015 08:16am
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RE: Roof rack confusion

I have a set of the genuine cross bars available. Very good condition and will save you around $100. Send a pm if interested. I'll be posting them soon in the classifieds.

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-11-24%20at%201.43.3...u0iejo.png]

2012 Range Rover Evoque 5-door Si4
24-11-2015 07:59pm
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RE: Roof rack confusion

Hey Chase & forum (this is my first post)! I had the same question last month when I picked up my '13 evoque. IMHO, the factory rails are the way to go but are pretty pricey. I ended up buying a cheapo replica set from eBay & installing them myself. I had to tweet the install to make it work for me, but It works & saved me ~$1k from the factory rails.
The factory cross bars sit up too high for my taste. I went with the Thule Aeroblade & I'm very happy with the low profile appearance.
I'll post a pic as soon as I become orientated to this site...
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26-03-2016 02:58pm
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RE: Roof rack confusion

Check out voyager racks. They look pretty nice. I have one on mine
16-09-2019 01:50am
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