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First a blown turbo, now a blown engine

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First a blown turbo, now a blown engine

Bought my 2012 Evoque used, and opted to get an extended warranty. So happy I made that choice, but not happy about my Land Rover. Back in February the turbo gave out on my Evoque. That was replaced. A few weeks ago the check engine light came on. The vehicle ran as if one ignition coil was bad. It ran rough but I was able to drive it to a local mechanic. He called me a few hours later to tell me that it was not an ignition coil but instead, something far more serious. He said cylinder 4 had almost no compression. Since he was not an LR mechanic (I only brought it there because (a) it was close and (b) I thought it was just an ignition coil) I had it towed to the nearest LR dealer. The next day the dealer confirmed the same thing. Not only was cylinder 4 gone, but he told me all of the oil had been sucked into the turbo and the turbo also needs to be replaced.

So in the period of about 1 week, I went from a Check Engine light to "You need a whole new engine".

I am sure the warranty company is not happy about this, but after sending an inspector to the dealer to confirm the findings, they agreed to replace the engine. The turbo is getting replaced by the factory.

Anyone know WHY or HOW this happened?
The dealer says "we don't know" but I kinda find that hard to believe.

I know that (as a general rule) having a turbo on an engine cuts down on the engine's life (compared to not having a turbo) but my Evoque only has about 78,000 miles.
I've never driven it off-road, and have always taken care of it and followed routine maintenance.

I'm frustrated that this has happened and looking back, since I have owned this car I have had to bring it in for service about 12 times. I've only had it for about 3.5 years.
As I wait 2 weeks for the engine and turbo to be replaced, I'd like to know what happened. Crying
22-06-2018 02:00pm
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