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Evoque 2014 AHBA Retrofit

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Evoque 2014 AHBA Retrofit

I have a 2014 Dynamic Lux

I know there are a couple posts relating to Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) and there are mixed feelings about whether it’s actually any good. That aside, I would like to retro fit it to my car.

I did a bit of research and Powerful have a video of the removal of the rear-view mirror and then comments stating the AHBA mirror was fitted and that it works fine after editing the CFF file.

I managed to get a mirror – the first one that arrived did’nt fit my Evoque. There appear to be 2 types of attachments – one is a circle and the other is a square shape – Powerful video shows the circle attachment. Mine is the latter.

So, I fitted the mirror and it looks great – took me a couple of minutes – very straight forward. The mirror appears to dim ok, but the AHBA obviously does not work.

I don’t have a GAP tool, so I took the car along to my local JLR dealer, they were not interested in helping in any way.

My next port of call was my local 4x4 dealer, which is Mansfield located in Bury St Edmunds. They spent at least a day and half trying to enable AHBA. Really helpful and spent huge amounts of time trying to solve the problem without being paid for their time – I highly recommend them. They tried 3 different software providers but none of them had AHBA listed as an option to enable. However, when entering the software via 12/13 year as opposed to 14/15 AHBA options are listed. Quite rightly Mansfield didn’t want to alter the options via the wrong year.

My question to you all – has anyone retrofitted the AHBA and got it working?

Could I have fitted the wrong mirror hence it’s not visible in the 14/15 year CFF?

Is there anyone living near Sudbury Suffolk that has a GAP tool that could help me?
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