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Calling all TD4 180 HSE owners

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Calling all TD4 180 HSE owners

I'm in need of some honest feedback.
I am about to purchase a 2016 TD4 180 HSE (MY17 build - build date 08/16).
This vehicle is now out of warranty, but only has 22k km (13.5k miles) on it. So in theory it is still pretty new but I have concerns about issues that have not yet manifested for which I will be up for when it does appear.
Does anyone with an HSE has had any of the issues mentioned below and if so, was this covered under warranty?
Thanks in advance for taking time to give me a reply.

Fuel leak
A fuel leak could occur from the fuel rail in the engine bay of some examples made from 5 May 2016 to 31 January 2018. Find out from a Land Rover dealer if yours is affected because it'll need to have a new fuel rail fitted to solve this issue.

Electrical short circuit
There have been two recalls for the Evoque that relate to a damaged electrical wiring harness that can lead to a short circuit. The first applies to Evoques manufactured between 9 July 2015 and 16 October 2015, and the second is for cars fitted with a 2.0-litre fitted with an automatic gearbox and built from 4 July to 10 October 2016. Check with a dealer if you think your car is affected by this because it'll need to be inspected by a technician and have the necessary repair work carried out.

Loss of steering control
A bolt for a knuckle on the lower control arm of the front suspension could work loose on some Evoques constructed between 31 March and 25 August 2016, and potentially leave you without control of the steering. Find out from a dealer if your car is affected; if it is, it'll need to be checked by a Land Rover technician who'll replace the necessary parts to eliminate the issue.

Front passenger airbag
The front passenger airbag of some cars made between 12 July to 26 October 2016 may not deploy at all in a collision, potentially increasing the risk of injury. Affected Evoques will need to have the airbag replaced as part of this recall.

Wanna buy 2016 TD4 180 HSE Fuji White
02-11-2020 05:58am
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